Nadya Pavlova, Technical Architect, 保加利亚

Nadya Pavlova,
Technical Architect,

“Tek Experts make sure we have the resources we need to do a great job for our clients”
We asked Nadya Pavlova a technical architect based in Bulgaria what’s it like working at Tek Experts. This is her story…

I’m a professional services consultant for Apttus and we’re hired to spread their services and support outside what they can normally offer. I design process work flows for their customers. It’s great working with our team looking at problems or tasks trying to solve them and regularly have brain storming sessions.

What I really like is when I’m on the phone talking with Apttus in India or USA, they say ‘we’ and not ‘you’, they see us as part of their team. That lets me know we’re doing our job.

Open and welcoming

The reason I like working at Tek Experts is the people. The teams in the Bulgarian office are open, welcoming and we really know each other. Everyone knows I’m a fitness freak and workout regularly and eat well. They also know their chocolate is safe with me as I won’t eat it! I like the culture and the management style here too. Senior managers are accessible and open to questions and suggestions and I feel that I am valued and my opinion counts. I don’t feel like I am a small cog in a large company. I like that they think big in everything they do and Tek Experts make sure we have the resources we need to do a great job for our clients.

If someone was thinking of joining us in Bulgaria I’d say, don’t think, just do it, you will like it for sure.

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