Andrey Stoyanov, Solution Architect, 保加利亚

Andrey Stoyanov,
Solution Architect,

Hello I’m Andrey Stoyanov and I joined the Apttus professional services team in February 2017 as a Business Analyst. I was then promoted to the position of Solution Architect. While I am technically based in Bulgaria, I’m currently working in a customer’s office in Zurich. My position requires me to travel quite a lot, about 50% of my time in fact.

Onsite support

I moved to Tek Experts because I love traveling and this role gave me the chance to do this on a regular basis. I think I would die if I didn’t get the opportunity to explore different cultures and countries. I’ve already been to London, Vienna, Munich, Zurich, Bangalore (India) and a few others. I visit these amazing cities to work on Apttus’ customer’s sites on large scale projects, which is very exciting.

My job as a Solution Architect is great for me because I get into the nitty gritty of a customer’s problem, they tend to be complex and business critical projects and I am always learning something new. I also get to work with different clients in different industries that keeps me interested in my job and I get to explore and try new solutions to issues.

People will thrive at Tek Experts if they are willing to dive into the unknown, learn to swim fast and have the passion to explore uncharted waters.