Dennis Pereira, Service Manager level 3 Engineer, Costa Rica

Dennis Pereira,
Service Manager level 3 Engineer,
Costa Rica

“There is no greater feeling of meeting the challenge”
Being a Service Manager Level 3 Engineer, is never dull plus you get to be a hero regularly.  That’s what Dennis Pereira in Costa Rica says. This is his story…

While I was studying I worked at Walmart to pay my bills, but as soon as I finished university, my career search took off. My friend told me of a new company in Costa Rica that would love my skills and my personality, so I sent them my CV. The very next day I got asked to come for an interview and that was back in 2012 and I’m still here. In fact, I was employee number 39.

The reason I stay at Tek Experts is because of the environment is great, I love the team I work with and I get to be a hero, regularly.

Just an everyday hero

It pays to get to really research the products you support and I know mine very well. I support two, , a ticketing system and an integrated calendar for service managers I regularly research news and latest update, practice trying to break them and then rebuild them. Sometimes, I spot potential issues even before any of our customers experience them.

I get directly involved when any of my Level 1 Engineers escalated the customer’s problem to their Level 2 Engineers. If they can’t resolve it – and they usually do –  I get involved as a member of the L3 team. L3 team is made up of experts like me and our own research and development team. So, if we have a customer with a system down, that no one can get it up and running and it’s mission critical, where the whole company is effected, there is no greater feeling of meeting the challenge and resolving it.

Being a trainer is a large part of my job, that and being a mentor for Level 1 and 2 Engineers. Tek Experts made sure I had the skills to be a good trainer and send me on a course to learn. I found it very insightful. I got the opportunity to travel to China to teach the staff there about the products we support and how to do it. It was the best experience. I had only been to Mexico before, but I got to stay and work in China for 1 ½ months. I love to travel and now I’m making plans to visit Europe.

Football is another love of mine and we have friendly matches with other Tek Experts teams. My role model is Messi and Ronaldhino.

Most of us treat Tek Experts as a knowledge center where anyone that joins can grow and meet their potential. Every day I learn something new.

One of the benefits of working at Tek Experts that I wasn’t expecting was how much my English has improved. We got taught at school but now I get to practice every day both written via emails and spoken as I help my customers. I’m no longer scared of trying out my pronunciation. It’s very natural for me now plus I now know what “kill two birds with one stone” means.

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