Paul Muscat, Customer Advocate Manager, Malta

Paul Muscat,
Customer Advocate Manager,

“You feel satisfied especially when you’re appreciated by your team and especially by customers.”
I’m Paul Muscat and for me, being a customer advocate manager here in Malta since 2016, is really rewarding. I enjoy helping co-workers and customers who may be struggling with a certain situation. It’s also interesting to be able to collaborate with people in the office here in Malta, as well as in our offices in other countries who are subject matter experts. It is satisfying work, especially when you’re appreciated by your team and especially by customers.

Before joining I worked in the education helping kids/adolescents with learning difficulties in Malta and I also taught English in Malta and in Thailand to all different age groups. I learned a lot about having patience, active listening and helping people. I saw that Tek Experts were recruiting and it seemed interesting. I was excited about working with technology and software as I had a natural interest for it and wanted to see what it was like working in an international office environment, so I gave it a shot.

I like working here because I’m able to work in a multinational environment which is a valuable asset. Knowing how to manage people’s issues, even when they’re complex and still have a positive approach to problem solving is a great skill that I have had the chance to develop further. I’m also given the opportunity to develop my leadership skills and to take the initiative. I’m continuously learning and growing professionally, and have a great team of people working with me, who I enjoy collaborating with very much.

Continuous learning and online training courses are offered to us on a regular basis. Some are related to using a new tool, others are about how to make the most of current ones. I’m also part of the training team, which gives me further experience on how to train new team members and different types of learners. I also get to sharpen my presentation skills and knowledge transfer techniques.

From my perspective, when you join us, if you have a chance to collaborate with other employees within your team or even outside of your team – do so as much as possible, as you will develop stronger working relationships. I feel this helps you acknowledge further that you are an important part of a team and will boost the team spirit overall.

It’s important for a support organization like ours to show and let other employees know that you care. Having a caring attitude inevitably boosts productivity and also helps you to stay positive and be happy in your professional career, no matter the challenge. I value that I have opportunity to develop myself. There is always a way to improve my professional development and I’m not held back like you could be in another company.

Living in Malta means for me, the fact that the weather speaks for itself, the beaches and historical sites are a plus, as well as our traditional Mediterranean style Maltese food make it good place to work.  If you compare it to other EU countries, the cost of living in Malta isn’t too high.

When I’m not at work, I practice Taekwondo blue belt.  I find training helps with discipline, fitness and relaxation. Plus I am an Electro DJ. I played in clubs in Spain and Malta going by the name “DJ Vektor”. Because I’m mixing with vinyl a lot of the time, I have to think quickly, gauge the mood of the crowd and adapt. It’s always a learning experience for me and I enjoy the interaction with the audience very much!

Interested in working in Malta? Check out our relocate to Malta page for more on this amazing country.








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