Test yourself with these World Cup facts


How well do you know your FIFA World Cup history? Test your knowledge by clicking on the country below to get the fact and count how many you already knew.

Unfortunately, just two of the countries that Tek Experts has offices in qualified for the competition this year – Costa Rica and Nigeria. But each of our home nations has some sort of World Cup history, even if it’s just a series of near misses.



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Bulgaria haven’t qualified for the last five World Cup finals – but at the 1994 World Cup finals in the USA, they finished fourth, after being knocked out by Italy in the semis.


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China have only ever qualified once for the World Cup finals, in 2002. Around 300 million people tuned into broadcasts of China's matches at the tournament, with 170 million new TVs being bought in the country so people could watch the team compete.

Costa Rica

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Costa Rica have had some incredible success at the World Cup considering the size of the country’s population. At the last World Cup in 2014, they managed to reach the quarter-finals, before a heart-breaking defeat on penalties to the Netherlands.


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Malta have never qualified for the World Cup finals – in fact, out of the 102 qualifying matches they’ve played, they’ve only won two of them. But there’s optimism in the country that they could make it to the finals in the future, after “The Minnow Master” Tom Saintfiet was appointed as coach in October 2017.  


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After a disappointing showing at the 2010 World Cup, the President of Nigeria, Goodluck Jonathan, suspended the Super Eagles from competition for two years, due to embarrassment from poor performances. Thankfully, that ban was later overturned by FIFA.

United States

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The 1994 World Cup in the US was the most financially successful in the tournament's history with 69,000 spectators per game and almost 3.6 million people in attendance at the tournament.


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Vietnam have never qualified for the World Cup finals but the future’s looking bright. The nation performed admirably at both the U-20 World Cup in 2017 and the Under-23 Asian Cup championship in 2018.


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