Why we hire returning to work parents

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Returning to work after bringing up a family can be a daunting process. You may feel you’ve been left behind on the skills or qualification front, making you a weak applicant for a role – think again. A recent CPL survey found that 96% of employers hire on attitude above experience. It’s the soft skills they’re interested in, which now makes it a level playing field and if anything, puts you at an advantage. Here’s why.

More to IT than IT

Here in the IT industry, being technically savvy is an important quality for only some roles. Of course, all staff need to be great communicators, comfortable team workers and above all, passionate about learning new skills throughout their career. However, some roles don’t focus on technical skills and it’s here you have the edge. These roles are customer facing jobs like account managers, customer advocates, customer success management and sales support.

You’ve got plenty of people skills, honed while bringing up kids. You’ve sharpened abilities like creative problem solving, multi-tasking, negotiating and obviously time management. Think about it, who better to build a relationship with clients than the ultimate calm communicators? Who knows how to manage time better than a parent who needs to be in two places at once while working on minimum sleep and remain positive?

Decision-making abilities are another key skill for any IT company, and as that’s something parents are committed to doing every day, we think they’ve got the right stuff to add real value to a role.

At Tek Experts, we like to actively seek out people like you that can bring passion, commitment, nd a great rapport with others to the job. Instead of focusing solely on the qualifications, previous experience or industry interest that makes them applicable for the position, our ranks in all our international offices are filled with team members possessing qualities we value that don’t normally feature on the CV or resume.

As Debra Herzog, our Colorado site manager says: “Women, mothers or fathers returning to work are highly productive, truly understand how to multi-task and are the embodiment of great communicators. These are skills that we prize in our staff.”

Finding the right balance between the technical know-how and the skills to succeed is a large part of why we tap into this groups. Debra went on to say,

“We can always teach people the technical skills but you can’t teach respect, passion and doing a great job.”

When you’re working with enthusiastic people, parents or recent graduates, it’s expected that you’ll likely have to train them up on the relevant skills for your business. That’s a big reason why we look for the other stuff – investing in technical training is a lot easier than training someone the basics of a great customer experience.

A good employer shouldn’t need telling, but the next time you apply for a role, check that you include your highly valued soft skills. The good news is these skills are with you for the rest of your live, you can’t unlearn them.

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