Why relocating for a job in Malta may also improve your work/life balance?

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Are you in IT or customer support, looking for your next career move but want something different? Why not relocate not to a new city, but a new country?

As a place to live and work, the beautiful Mediterranean island of Malta is second to none and provides excellent options for reconciling the work/life balance, which so many of us prioritize.

Malta’s appeal lies in the combination of its gorgeous sunny climate, boasting around 300 days of sunshine a year, coupled with the fact that English is spoken by around 90% of the population while retaining cultural diversity. Oggy Kiryakov our site manager and a relocator himself confirmed:

“Once people have researched cost of living, schools, social networks and quality of life, it becomes a much easier decision to move here.”

Diversity benefits

Malta’s prime location as a gateway to Europe, North Africa and the Middle East, with its membership to the European Union, means it’s attractive place to be. The widespread use of English attracts a wide pool of talent from countries all over the world.

The site manager Ognyan Kiryakov said:

Since opening the Malta office in 2014, we’ve over 90 staff from 32 countries in all types of roles including customer account managerssoftware support engineers and customer advocate managers. It’s a very attractive location for people who are bilingual, want to experience a different culture, improve their English, while working in the EU. We actively encourage this diversity and have jobs where their languages like French, German and Italian are valuable to us.

Staff tell us how it really is

We talk to just four staff from our Malta office, who decided to pursue that very path. As you might imagine, Malta’s wonderful climate is a significant incentive.

Esperanza Gutierrez Manrique from Spain explains:

Winter here is really just January and February. For the rest of the year the weather is great and you can swim in the sea all year round. It doesn’t rain too much, so you can spend a lot of time outside enjoying sports or go out walking with friends.

I was also attracted to Malta because of the language. I was looking for an English-speaking country but Malta is different to the UK because of the weather!

Marcia Rodrigues from Brazil, was also attracted by the weather and the language, but quickly realized that Malta has a lot more to offer.

I initially came here for the weather and to study English. After you’ve lived in Malta for a while, you realize that life here is very easy going and relaxed. It’s a small island, so it’s normal to live close to your place of work and we don’t have to deal with the stresses of living in a big city. Everything is close and you can go to the beach every day if you like. Malta is also very safe.

Once she started working at Tek Experts, Marcia began to appreciate the diversity of the workforce, which has given her the opportunity to meet plenty of new people.

As a new starter, people are warmly welcomed. We’re such a mix of people from different countries, and you will always find somebody that you get on well with.

Esperanza enjoyed a similar experience:

The environment here is very good because we’re from everywhere. Most of us came here alone.

It’s perhaps this shared experience of being away from home that has helped foster a sense of corporate family values amongst the staff.

Stephanie Le-Gall-Habiche from France and Mohammed Hamed half Maltese, half Egyptian have been with Tek Experts Malta since the start of the operation. Stephanie explains:

At the beginning we were a small group and it was really like a family much more than a company. I think we’ve retained those values even though we’re now a larger group.

Mohammed adds:

We’re all one family here. People are happy and it’s a really nice place to work.

Fun environment

This spirit of togetherness means that Tek Experts staff often enjoy a great social life with colleagues. Not only are there the regular impromptu evenings out organized between staff, but Tek Experts also has a social committee, which helps to organize staff events

Esperanza explains:

We’re a committee of five and, alongside the HR managers, we organize activities like team building, breakfasts, lunches and parties. We usually organize activities two-three times a month.

Embarking on a career with Tek Experts could prove to be truly life changing. By day you will be working in a growing, fast-paced, challenging environment alongside people who know exactly what it’s like to make the exciting decision to pursue a career overseas and will look to support you all the way. Outside of work, you’ve got the opportunity to live somewhere that is truly a world away from Europe’s other metropolitan cities, you can have a life at the pace you want.

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