Tek Experts increasingly seen as employer of choice at CINDE 2016

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After a result of our most successful CINDE event, Tek Experts is increasingly being seen as an employer of choice within San Jose and across Costa Rica as a whole.

For the 3rd successive year Tek Experts has used CINDE as a way to promote opportunities for talented IT graduates to kick start their career and for experienced individuals to take their next step. The event has also been a great platform for us to promote our employer brand, to share the Tek Experts story and to give potential candidates insight into the team spirit that defines our company.

This year our story proved to be increasingly attractive to people looking to work for a company that values innovation and which is committed to training, development and career growth. It also attracted the attention of the media who were particularly keen to hear about the opportunities Tek Experts offers to people of all ages, and in particular the story of Carlos Caamaño. Carlos joined Tek Experts a year ago at the age of 69, and is a great illustration of how we are one of the most inclusive and attractive employers in Costa Rica to people of all ages and at all skill levels.

As we continue to develop our operations in Costa Rica and offer more opportunities for talented individuals across the region, CINDE will continue to be an important platform for us to talk to potential employees and to show that Tek Experts is a business that believes in investing in local talent and the communities we call home.

Tek Experts Costa Rica General Manager, Luis Guillermo Campos said:
“We are happy to see that our company is becoming a more attractive option for the people of Costa Rica. The large number of applications and the media attention we received is testimony to our commitment to providing the best career development and employment opportunities in the IT industry.”