Tek Experts continues to shape the future of services, talent and technology 

Bài viết

Tek Experts expanses its innovation and services further in Vietnam with the announcement of more offices and launch of IT training academy, open to all.

Having previously announced in October 2017, Tek Experts’ expansion of staff and premises in Hanoi, today we announce the second phase of our growth in Vietnam, by officially opening a new second office. With this further expansion, Tek Experts further assures its fast, strong and sustainable development.


Expansion and Innovation 

Tek Experts has only been in Vietnam for four years and has already earnt itself a reputation for providing excellent services to clients, some of which are the largest IT corporations in the world. The expansion plans are ahead of target which means more job opportunities for people across Hanoi and beyond. In Vietnam, Tek Experts is on target to have 1,000 employees by the end of 2018, which is more than double the size of the current workforce.

Subsequently, Tek Experts is expanding its support services, for not only its core corporate clients but also to end-users of gaming, devices and cloud-based software.


Creative office for wellbeing

The opening of Tek Experts’ 2nd office demonstrates its determination to invest in quality facilities and human resources to meet the needs of customers in this new business segment of the company.

Located in the prime location of the capital city at TNR Building, Nguyen Chi Thanh Street, the new office is an ideal working environment with a panoramic view of the city, with an open and fresh condition, which helps staff to communicate and work in a creative and supportive environment.

In particular, there is the Xbox 360 gaming experience space plus a software test spaces to provide in-depth product experiences and support for improving soft skills in the customer service staff. This new space continues to show that Tek Experts commits to invest in exciting, modern, quality working environments for workforce.

Career opportunities

Mr Yaniv Natan, founder of Tek Experts, shares his vision for the new operations: “Tek Experts is known for offering exceptional services to our clients and their customers all around the world. Our clients recognize the value we bring to their business, the commitment we have to their success and our dedication to providing an exceptional customer experience. Because of our success in the commercial space we’ve been given a great opportunity to provide that same level of service to consumers in a number of new and exciting spaces. It means we’ll be providing even more exceptional jobs opportunities to people in Vietnam”.


Tek Academy

In addition, Tek Experts will launch Tek Academy this month, which is designed to provide training on the technology expertise, soft skills and English language skills needed for a sustainable career development path for young IT staff in Vietnam. Tek Academy confirms commitment to investing in, and developing talents in Vietnam and helps prepare students for the world of work by providing a range of skills that will help them develop a career in both the consumer and commercial IT industries. The Tek Academy program is open to non-IT students interested in a career in the IT industry, IT graduates and people already at the start of their IT career. This training program is a great way for IT qualified students to get ahead of their competitors and a great way for people without an IT qualification to become part of our exciting and rewarding industry. Tek Academy is expected to train 900 students by the end of 2018.

Mr Tuong Nguyen Manh, country manager, Tek Experts Vietnam, stated: “The second office of Tek Experts Vietnam will be a breakthrough for the company to expand more exciting and challenging fields. In addition, the investment in Tek Academy confirms our commitment to developing young talent in Vietnam and changing the mindset of people who think that IT is not their strength and open a wide range of employment opportunities “.

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