Diversity is crucial to employee satisfaction and customer success

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Diversity is critical to the growth and development of a productive, happy and customer focused IT industry according to Tek Experts, one of the world’s most dynamic IT service companies and new commercial resident of Colorado Springs, CO, USA.

In an industry where women and veterans are under-represented, Tek Experts has bucked the trend and created an environment where they can take advantage of the skills and experience they have to start a new career, and we believe by doing so, we can bring a unique service experience to our customers and create a new dynamic where the customer experience is key.

“Veterans and mothers returning to work each bring something unique to our industry”, said Bonnie Goertzen, COO at Tek Experts. “In a customer-focused business like ours, having the focus, discipline and willingness to offer great service are crucial. From our experience, we’ve seen that Veterans have received amazing training and developed exceptional leadership skills, and are the epitome of great team players. Women and mothers returning to work are highly productive, truly understand how to multi-task and are the embodiment of great communicators.”

Since opening our first US operation in Colorado Springs in January, Tek Experts has already recruited a workforce consisting of 25% veterans and 40% women and has committed to making diversity and opportunities for all a key part of our growth both in the US and internationally. We believe that by doing so we have created a rich environment where both the customer and company benefit.

Bonnie said, “Since we started Tek Experts we’ve always believed that having a diverse workforce brings a better dynamic and culture, which in turn leads to a better experience for our clients and their customers. That’s why we’re committed to providing long-term careers for all and invest in training the best talent on the market, regardless of their background.”