CSR from the heart (of the company)

Tin tức doanh nghiệp

The end of the year at Tek Experts in Costa Rica was more than just a great holiday season – it was the culmination of our efforts to give something back. We are strong believers in contributing to the communities we live in, and work at, but the Tek Experts employees in Costa Rica truly went the extra mile. We are proud of our team of young, very energetic people, who DO care about more than just work and play. They hear there is help needed and they get involved, because they want to live in a healthy, vibrant community. In 2015, they focused their attention on the Hogar Fe Viva Hospice, the reconstructions in Matina project and our very own Tek Angels campaign for the children in the Concepcion Tres Rios community.

Tek Angels

Tek Angels is the name we designed to support the work we wanted to do to support the 87 children who live in the Concepcion Tres Rios Community. These children have hard lives and we wanted to give them the opportunity to enjoy the festive season and to let them know that there are people who care about them. But Tek Angels was more than just a name; we developed a whole new concept and supporting website to raise awareness of their plight, encourage donations and collect as many new toys, and as much clothing as possible.

Tek Angels was launched early in December and by the 19th, when we visited the Concepcion Tres Rios, we were overwhelmed with a number of gifts and clothing we were able to share. It was amazing to see how something so small to us brought so much joy to the lives of these children. The day was made all the more special because it was supported by ISKF Costa Rica, who put on a karate show, face painters who donated their time and skills to make the children feel magical, storytellers who gave the children a chance to escape their normal lives, Comparsa and much more.

“It really was an amazing day for all involved, and I think it brought just as much joy to us as it did to the children we did it for.” said one of the volunteers.

Reconstruction of houses in Matina

Led by their desire to help people less fortunate, Tek Experts Costa Rica also got actively involved in the reconstruction of houses damaged during a flood in the Matina canton, Limon district. Searching for areas where their time and efforts can be well-spent, the volunteers traveled to the damaged districts and spend time with local people. Realizing that, although food and clothes were very welcome, help was needed with books, education, infrastructure, etc., they committed to getting involved in the cause and make it bigger and better to help as many families as possible in the months ahead.

This is a great cause and shows what compassion and generosity can do to make the world a better place for people that have little. Watch this space for more news about the great work being done at Matina Canton.

Hogar Fe Viva project

Sometimes giving is not necessarily a tangible thing and that was the case with our support of the Hogar Fe Viva project. Throughout 2015, Tek Experts volunteers willingly gave their time to support the children at Hogar Fe Viva which is an Orphanage founded 3 years ago.

The hospice shelters about 12 children between 0 and 6 years old and is entirely supported by donations and the goodwill of people in the area. The Tek volunteers supported the initiative by regularly visiting the house to spend time with the children; to give them much-needed love and attention, and to show that there are people that care and want to their bit to make their lives more enjoyable. This is not something you can put a cost on but it’s a cause many of our people think is priceless.

Tek Involved

In 2016, we plan to build on the great work done in the last year and we want to support Tek Experts employees as they make a difference around the world by helping educate and train people of all ages. We’ll establish advanced initiatives across the company, which will foster safe and healthy communities, and are already thrilled by the reception and commitment we’ve already seen

The story of our team in Costa Rica is an inspiration for people across the company to better organize our efforts to give back to and be part of our communities. Our volunteering programs spring from the desire of each and every member of the organization to be involved in the world around us. We are committed to supporting such initiatives and giving employees the time, support and network to be able to develop the programs that matter to them and the communities we value so much.