Creating careers opportunities for veterans can define the success of a business

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The diversity of your workforce can have a huge impact on not only the success of your business but the impression you leave on clients. Armed force veterans have played a big part in making our business what it is today. They bring a wealth of knowledge and experience and possess the leadership skills to continue driving our business forward.

“Veterans provide a great resource for companies like ours, as well as a great partner for our clients. They bring excellent leadership, exceptional teamwork, and integrity, and are extremely efficient and motivated to succeed. What’s more, they are dedicated, boast a strong work ethic and are capable, independent and hardworking. That’s why for us they are a great resource and a great talent pool to tap into.” Debra Herzog, country manager of Tek Experts in Colorado Springs. 

Diversity enables you to offer a broad mix of skills

In order to deliver for a wide range of customers, you need a dynamic collection of staff, each bringing something unique to the table. Whilst recent graduates and the youngsters of Generation Z bring infectious enthusiasm and a thirst for innovation and technology, veterans are well established in their field.

Women and veterans are most definitely under-represented in the technology industry, and we feel this shouldn’t be the case. They can bring something refreshing and help to bring an alternative view and way of solving problems, and in a customer-focused business, they are crucially important.

Veterans are loyal team players

Many veterans, due to their experience in the military have exceptional teamwork skills and thrive from working towards a shared goal. They make very loyal employees and show impressive dedication to their role within the company. Military personnel bring with them an intrinsic understanding of how loyalty adds to team proficiency and builds trust in a work environment.

We believe that veterans can offer an impressive array of skills and training, which adds value to any business. Our current workforce in the USA consists of 40% women and 25% veterans, which shows we are 100% on board with creating opportunities for all.

According to Debra, “Veterans and mothers returning to work each bring something unique to our industry. From our experience, we’ve seen that veterans have received amazing training and developed exceptional leadership skills, and are the epitome of great team players.”

An undeniable work ethic

Another key strength that veterans have is their incredible work ethic. They know how to stick to a strict schedule, and will work hard until they get the job done. Veterans have the ability to focus on completing whatever mission or task is put in front of them, and to find ways to work around stumbling blocks and come up with solutions. Military people understand responsibility because when they join the service they are taught straight away that there are serious consequences to the decisions they made.

Support and career opportunities for veterans

Creating an environment where all types of employees can flourish and play to their strengths is not only great for our businesses, it means we can offer more value to our customers. We provide veterans with the support they need to become extremely valuable members of our team and open up opportunities for them to utilize their extensive knowledge and experience of the industry.

In fact, we are so committed to attracting veterans to work for our business that we chose Colorado Springs for our USA home. Why? Because here there is a very strong military presence, which means we can reach out to the local talent pool of military veterans and create lots of veteran IT jobs.

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