Tek Experts have partnered with Xbox to deliver dedicated, innovative and effective software support and we’re looking to recruit enthusiastic and passionate people from the gaming community with an interest in IT.
Are you ready to deliver a great service from fantastic offices surrounded by your fun-loving colleagues?

Gaming Support Engineer

Do you wish you could turn your passion into your career? Do you have an interest in different technologies and IT? Do you think you can deliver exceptional customer service? ...

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Gaming Subject Matter Expert

Do you have a passion for gaming? Are you an Xbox fan? Tek Experts provides business and IT outsourcing services and we take intense pride in helping companies handle their ...

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Gaming Support Team Leader

Is your career goal to deliver exceptional IT support? Do you have a passion for gaming? Could you imagine turning your passion into a career shaping next move? Tek Experts ...

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Work for Tek Experts and play Xbox

That’s right you can come to work and play on Xboxs with us. We’ve launched a new Xbox Experience Area specifically designed for gaming so that staff can have fun with Xbox games and put themselves in customers’ perspective.  

We aim for our staff to have a deeper understanding of the hardware and be able to deliver a more effective support solution for Xbox users.   

Our Xbox team is expected to be the biggest team within Tek Experts’ 7 locations. By 2020 we aim to reach over 200 staff.  

We located this new service in Vietnam because of its well-known technology community and potential candidates from the gaming community. We think gamers who want to pursue a career in the IT industry can join us and in return we can help them increase their technical and non-technical skills for a fulfilling and longer-term career with us.  

Expect organized “Xbox Day” events too. We’ll be introducing more customer services gaming solutions, such as devices compatible, VR and Xbox 360.  


What kind of gamer are you?


Read enough? Interested in Tek Experts?


What makes Tek Experts Vietnam such an attractive place to be?

We’ve been in Vietnam for four years, with over 500 staff working from two fantastic offices. We’re on a massive recruitment drive to bring onboard 1,000 employees, which will make it of the best performing operations in the world for Tek Experts.

So, what is it that makes us a place where people thrive?

Dynamic environment – we pride ourselves on creating an environment that allows employees to flourish and realize their potential.

Modern designed space – we’ve put a lot of thought and effort into the design of the offices. You can access the super cool Sky Garden, an open space where you can socialize, share and work together, away from the typical formal setting. We want to inspire you to step away from desks! We make sure there is plenty of fun including weekly Happy Hour!

Build careers – our promise is to offer careers, not jobs. We understand that the key to building a successful business is attracting and retaining talented people like you. Therefore, we offer you every opportunity to build a career for yourself in the industry of IT support.


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