Asen Metodiev, Subject Matter Expert, CritSit team, Bulgari

Asen Metodiev,
Subject Matter Expert, CritSit team,

“If you can work in a critical situation team, you can do anything!”
If you enjoy fast-paced environments where everybody’s working together to get the right solution for the customer, critical situation management could be the job for you.

We work with some of the biggest brands in the world, helping return things back to normal when IT incidents have occurred which threaten their key operations.

It might sound like stressful work, but at Tek Experts, the critical situation managers, whose job it is to speak directly to customers, get lots of support to make it as stress-free as possible. In fact, it’s my job as a subject matter expert to make the stressful seem very normal.

One big team

The teamwork has to be perfect in critical situation management, and ours is second to none. It makes me very proud to see how well we work together. From the moment we get an alert that we have a critical situation with one of our customers, we all come together to get it resolved as quickly as possible.

When it’s not possible to their issue before the day has finished, we pass it over to the next team at one of our other sites elsewhere in the world, so that the issue gets the quickest resolution possible. These are time-sensitive cases, so they can’t always wait until the next day, which is why we have the ‘follow the sun’ model here.

Job fulfilment

Our customer’s issues have different severities. It’s up to us to work out the severity by asking the customer questions about the possible impact on the business, and then prioritizing accordingly. There are many different circumstances that can lead to a critical situation. Usually, they’re caused by a technical issue, like a server error. Natural disasters, which often cause damage to IT infrastructure, also put business operations into jeopardy. Or it might just be human error that caused the critical situation.

Last year, the global cyber-attacks were a big thing for our team. We were on the frontline fighting every day for a few months. In that moment, it really felt like we were fulfilling our purpose.

Lessons learned

I’ve learned so many things during my time here. You’re constantly being exposed to new issues and business processes, so you need to be a quick learner. I think it helps to have a technical background, but some of the team had no IT experience before joining and it hasn’t stopped them being brilliant at their job.

I didn’t have much people management experience before becoming a subject matter expert. Now I know how to approach all the different personalities in my team, not only to get the job done, but to ensure they go home smiling. I’ve also learnt how to be patient even when you don’t necessarily feel like you have the time to be patient.

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