Alejandro Duran, Subject Matter Expert in Azure , Costa Rica

Alejandro Duran,
Subject Matter Expert in Azure ,
Costa Rica

“I feel fulfilled, valued, trusted and appreciated”
I’ve worked for some big global companies during my career. However, while they provided me with a great grounding in the IT industry, I found that they had a glass ceiling - not great if you want a career in technology. There was no progression path for me into a management role, regardless of how hard I worked or how much learning I did. You don’t find those same barriers at Tek Experts.

Now I can finally fulfil my potential as an IT professional. As a Subject Matter Expert (SME), I have a number of senior-level responsibilities, which include delivering training, interviewing candidates and making operational plans. I feel fulfilled, valued, trusted and appreciated. 

Continuous improvement 

I started my career as a level one engineer, moving up the ranks to become a senior software engineer and then a technical consultant. This extensive technical experience has really helped me in my current job – I can empathize with my team, having experienced many of the same problems they’re encountering. My team know that if they have a problem, they can come to me for advice and I’ll give them constructive guidance. 

While it’s not always necessary to have all the certifications, it is important to have plenty of experience in IT support to work as a SME at Tek Experts. It’s a very hands-on job, where you’re expected to come up with solutions to take the business forward. 

Agile mindset 

You also need an agile mindset as an SME. One day you’ll be delivering training to a new team, the next you’ll be interviewing candidates. I also help with difficult customer cases and work with the operational manager to plan different projects, not to mention the weekly meetings with the teams I manage, to catch up on any skills, training or knowledge gaps.  

For some people, that might be too much variation – but I love it. I have just started to deliver training to teams in other countries. I have been to Colorado Springs, and I hope to be able to travel to the other sites at some point, too. 

Customer first 

I think one of most important qualities as a SME is to be able to manage different types of people. Although we all have the Tek Experts DNA, we’re not all the same. Some people arrive with very little technical knowledge, so you need to be as comfortable training them as you would someone with lots of IT support experience. 

I love working with people. It helps that there are lots of talented people here, who are all passionate to learn and develop their skills. My aim is to help them realize their potential.

If you like the sound of working in Costa Rica with Alejandro, check out current opportunities here>>

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