Alberto Escoto, Operational Manager (Microsoft Azure Specialists), Costa Rica

Alberto Escoto,
Operational Manager (Microsoft Azure Specialists),
Costa Rica

“You’ll find Tek Experts a friendly place to work, I did!”
I’ve been with Tek Experts here in Costa Rica for over 18 months already heading up a team of Microsoft Azure specialists as the Operational Manager.

Normally our teams are made up of a core of five key roles that allow us to build-in scalability for our clients so we can always match their growth. As an Operational Manager, I’ve got a great job because it’s really varied and no two days are the same. I love managing a team of passionate people, it’s very rewarding.

We’re always bringing on new software engineers to work with us so I get involved in their training. I help build the course work they will go through when they start and later I support them getting their Microsoft Azure accreditation. This part of my role is very gratifying – seeing how the engineers developed their skills in different services like Azure Networking, Identity, Application Services and Infrastructure become an active member in our family. The Microsoft Azure teams have a great energy because unlike other Azure professionals that work in-house we have many customers, work on multiple projects and different industries around the world.

Help on hand

You’ll find Tek Experts a friendly place to work, I did! People have told us of stories from their previous employers where it was hard for them to get support. Nothing could be further from the truth here. We pride ourselves on sharing knowledge and right from day 1 you’ll get help you need. There is always someone ready to give you a hand.

Every Tek Experts office and every team prides itself on being people-focused. It’s all about having fun, supporting each other and personal develop. For instance, we all get sick or we have a doctor’s appointment and Tek Experts makes it easy for us to sort it out.

I keep busy even outside of work as I love playing soccer and I swim three times a week too. Swimming is my new hobby, plus I’m studying my Masters in Project Management at the same time.

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