Why veterans are perfectly suited to a career in IT


Military veterans shouldn’t underestimate their own skills – many are well-qualified for a second career in the information technology sector – for example, as software support engineers, technical support advocates, or sales assist – but might assume they don’t have what employers are looking for. It’s time to do away with those preconceptions and open the door to a world of new opportunities.


Tek Experts’ site in Colorado Springs has welcomed many veterans since it opened in February 2016. It’s no coincidence either – veterans bring excellent leadership, exceptional teamwork and integrity, and are extremely efficient and motivated to succeed. In fact, they make up 25% of our US workforce.


However, when we reach out to local veterans, some are unsure whether they’ll prove to be a good fit for Tek Experts, explains USA Country Manager Debra Herzog.


Sometimes they think that they’re under-qualified to work in a civilian sector or that they won’t get a chance to work with people in this line of work,” she says. “But, once they join us and see that the roles we offer involve constant interaction with customers, those misconceptions quickly disappear.


In fact, the strong military base was a big factor in why Tek Experts positioned its site in Colorado Springs. Fort Carson, Peterson, Schriever, NORAD and the US Air Force Academy offer the business a great talent pool to tap into. It’s just a matter of getting veterans to acknowledge the opportunity.


“When I left the military, I thought that my prospects for another long-term career were pretty slim,” says Luis Avitia Critical Situation Team Manager. “But now having joined the Tek Experts team and learnt about their training and development opportunities, I can see this is somewhere I can stay and progress for years to come.”


A recent study by academics from Pennsylvania State and Washington State universities suggests that’s it not only Tek Experts that’s attempting to prove the potential of IT as a career to veterans.


The research, which involved speaking to 297 military service members and veterans, all with disabilities, concluded that “large numbers of veterans hold stereotypes that discourage them from seeking IT employment.” Here’s what the report found:


  1. Veterans crave interaction

“I would rather work with people,” one respondent said during the research when asked whether they’d considered a career in IT. While some IT jobs may very well involve sitting in front of a screen all day with little interaction, many roles – like those at Tek Experts – are customer-facing and will see employees in regular contact with people.


  1. Veterans may need some IT training

Many of the veterans said they didn’t have any training in IT, something they assume was essential for a job in the field. But, at Tek Experts we have the capabilities to train and develop veterans so that they are quickly brought up to speed on their technical skills.


  1. Veterans are unsure if their skills are transferable

Some respondents felt their knowledge and experience from military service, where leadership and people management skills were essential, wouldn’t transfer well to IT. However, companies like ours look to harness those skills, not squeeze them out of veterans. In our experience, veterans make excellent site managers or team leaders, for example.


  1. Some veterans are interested in an IT career

Not all veterans have counted themselves out of a career in IT completely. Some respondents said they were planning a career in cyber intelligence. We specialize in cyber security support here at Tek Experts so that’s definitely an avenue we would suggest veterans should explore. Meanwhile, others noted how IT is a good career option for veterans who have come out of service with a disability.


Veterans are the lifeblood of our Colorado office and we’ve been ahead of the curve in recognizing their transferable skills,” adds Debra “We can offer a rewarding second career for ex-military personnel – one they can rely on for the long term.”


At Tek Experts, we offer IT opportunities in Colorado Springs for military veterans, including those with disabilities, as long as they’re dedicated, hardworking and capable. If that sounds like you, check out our current vacancies here.>>


Source: http://taskandpurpose.com/veteran-career-opportunities/