Delivering IT support in Vietnam is also about ensuring consistent values. Site Manager Tek Experts talks about what those values mean and how he brings them to life.

The importance of company values. Interview with Tek Experts Vietnam’s Country Manager

Why are company values important?

Core values are not just important for retaining staff, but for recruiting them in the first place. Candidates can now easily research companies they’re interested in working for, and if they don’t see any signs of strong corporate values, they might not put in an application to join it. As any good business leader knows, the pipeline of talent coming into the business needs to be as healthy as possible. And Tek Experts Vietnam is very healthy.

How do you ensure that Tek Experts retains its core values?

We build candidate awareness so that when we have new roles to fill, we’re hiring from a talent pool of people who are tuned in to Tek Experts. We do this in two ways: through marketing campaigns, which raise candidates’ knowledge and awareness of Tek Experts; plus the Tek Academy.  

The Tek Academy is a program which is unique to Vietnam, where people who are not quite ready to work for Tek Experts can increase their knowledge and skills, so that they can make a successful application in the future. As well as getting them up to the required skill level, it introduces them to the Tek Experts values early on in their engagement with the company.

What are some of the initiatives you use to reinforce the company values?

We have a number of global and local initiatives that help to reinforce the company values. For instance, every month we recognize those members of the team who have put the ‘Customer first’ and gone the ‘Extra mile,’ rewarding them with something nice, like cinema tickets.
One of my favorite initiatives is Family Day. We invite staff to bring their family into the office, allowing them to see the environment that they work in – like the ‘Sky Garden’, a natural light-filled open space where the team can take a relax and socialize – and to meet some of their colleagues. It does a great job of helping to reinforce the value of ‘Stronger together,’ while breaking down that barrier between work and family life for the team.

What do you believe is the secret to your team’s success?

We make it very clear to the team from the start what’s expected from them in terms of values, standards and performance. We have had great success in the last five years as a team and we want to make sure that continues as we grow. By making new staff aware of this success and explaining to them how important everyone is to our future, it helps them feel valued, motivated and excited for the journey ahead. 

What can people expect as an employee at Tek Experts Vietnam?

Firstly, lots of opportunities. We are a growing company, which means there’s a regular stream of new roles becoming available. Whenever we can, we try to promote from within the business. So, if you show yourself to be someone who can grow and develop, we will give you the opportunity to realize your potential.
You’ll also be working within a caring and supporting environment. We try to do everything we can to make sure people feel appreciated. For example, if you work in the EMEA time zone, you’ll be provided with free food and transportation. There’s also ‘Happy Hour’ where everybody comes together in our wonderful Sky Garden for free food.

What type of leader are you?

My style of leadership has changed during my time at Tek Experts. I used to be task-oriented, but now the team has matured and grown, with more senior people having joined, I have been able to delegate some tasks and take on a more people-focused leadership style. This means I can get to know everybody in the team, which is how I want to spend my time.

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