Lachezar Lozanov - Bulgaria Site Manager

Lachezar Lozanov - Bulgaria Site Manager

Why are company values important?

Without a strong set of company values and a culture that supports them, it’s almost impossible to build an engaged workforce. You’re not showing staff that you care about them, so they will likely feel detached from the organization. If you don’t look after your people, they won’t look after your customers.  

As important as values are to a company, I don’t want to force them upon my team. I want to give them the motivation to show the values in their actions.

How do you ensure that Tek Experts retains its core values?

We’re constantly adding new people to the IT support team, sometimes hundreds at a time! But it’s important we don’t just get any person in through the door – they need to be a good fit for Tek Experts. If you were to bring in lots of people who didn’t have the Tek Experts DNA, you could quite quickly lose some of the company’s core values.

Crucially, we’ve got an incredible Management Team in Bulgaria. They go the extra mile in every single assignment. I give them complete responsibility and freedom over their work, and I am rewarded with some wonderfully talented teams across the business. They are my Tek Experts values ambassadors with significant contribution to the company success.

What are some of the initiatives you use to reinforce the company values?

I don’t believe in using too many initiatives to reinforce the values. To me, it’s like telling people ‘this is what you must believe in,’ which can never be healthy.

We do have ‘Top Performer’ badges that we give out to those who have gone the extra mile in putting the customer first. I also like to recognize people’s efforts on the spot, straight after they’ve shown themselves to be acting in the company’s image. I find that immediate recognition has a huge impact on people, as it’s more personal and individualistic.

What do you believe is the secret to your team’s success?

Simply, hire people who are smarter than you. As a leader, it can sometimes feel like you have to do it all – but it’s much more effective to let the experts do their thing.  

What can people expect as an employee at Tek Experts Bulgaria?

We can offer IT support workers something not many other companies in Bulgaria can: the opportunity to learn new cloud-based technology which is being used by thousands of businesses across the world. You don’t always need to have experience with the technology either, as we’ll give you all the relevant training.

If you have no problems learning the technology and show yourself to be a hard worker, we will provide you with growth opportunities, in the form of further training and promotions.

What type of leader are you?

I try to break down the hierarchies. That way, people don’t feel inhibited in who they can speak to – if they have something constructive to say, they can put their opinion forward. I think if you empower people to have a voice, you can go a long way as a team.

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