4 ways to improve the post-sale customer experience

4 ways to improve the post-sale customer experience

Our Customer Success Managers are a hugely important part of the Tek Experts team. They help make sure our customers are successful in achieving their objectives through proactive engagement – monitoring and analyzing customer behavior with our client’s products or services to ensure they’re using it as effectively as possible. It’s a role that can prove very rewarding, knowing that you are making the customer happy and successful.

The role reflects our customer-first approach, which aims to help people resolve problems to make their lives easier. It’s borne out of the belief that focusing on the customer leads to a long and meaningful relationship.
“Customers are much more likely to remain loyal to a brand or product if they have an ongoing, existing relationship with that company,” explains Jonathan Araya, Customer Services Management (CSM) Global Lead at Tek Experts. “Customer Success Managers are an integral part of cultivating a happy relationship by helping customers to maximize the solutions that they have purchased.”

The role reflects our customer-first approach, which aims to help people resolve problems to make their lives easier. It’s borne out of the belief that focusing on the customer leads to a long and meaningful relationship.

Keeping customers engaged is crucial throughout the entire relationship: 91% of non-engaged customers leave with dissatisfaction, according to the HuffPost. Arguably the most important phase of engagement is after the sale.

Here are four ways you can boost the post-sale customer experience:

1. Follow up with customers

Following up with customers can go a long way, as it shows that you care about their experience and opinions. This feedback should be captured in the way that works best for the business and its customers. This initial post-sale interaction is crucial in starting to build trust between the user and the brand – you can’t start soon enough.

2. Make them aware of CSM
Let customers know that CSM is available, highlighting the value it will provide for them, eg setting processes and goals for them, as well as access to industry trends. It provides an alternative to calling the sales team to rectify onboarding problems, meaning the sales team can move on and sell rather than provide support.

3. Offer personalized advice
Personalization shows customers that they are not just another user of a product or service. By monitoring and analyzing their behavior, you can offer advice on how they can optimize their experience, further emphasizing the importance and value of CSM. Customer success managers are paid to give the best service to the customer and act as their champion within the client.

4. Strategize and support
Part of the role of a customer success manager involves strategizing on how to use the product or service better and then relaying this best practice to customers. They must provide resources and support to customers which reflect their needs and this will depend on which stage they are at in the lifecycle. So when it comes to renewal time, the chances of them not renewing or reducing their service level are very slim.

Nikita Akulov, Regional Customer Advocate Manager, Tek Experts Malta, explains what it means to ‘go the extra mile’ for customers: “We are very proactive and speak with new customers within days of them getting their software. The client expects us to make sure every customer gets the maximum value from their investment, right from the start, even if it means chasing the client up for stuff. When we call a customer, we can help them and make sure they use all their licenses, check it’s installed to their spec, highlight features and functions, and troubleshoot at any time while they have the software. It’s very rewarding.”

He adds: “What I can guarantee is you’ll never hear us say ‘that’s outside our scope’ to a customer or a client. We don’t stop until the customer is delighted.”

If you’d like to work for a company that strives to delight its customers, take a look at our careers page to find an opportunity that appeals to you.>>

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