You don’t need to be an IT nerd to be in IT

You don’t need to be an IT nerd to be in IT

Here’s a fact that might surprise you - the tech industry isn’t just for ‘geeks’. In fact there are a wide range of IT careers that don’t rely on deep technical knowledge at all. Roles with ‘soft skills’ - such as customer success management - are more important than ever. Why is this?  

A call to action 

If you’ve ever had a gadget develop a fault, you’ll know that sinking feeling - aside from the frustration of not being able to use the product, there’s the hassle of getting it resolved. What will happen when you call the number from the manual, and who will you have to deal with on the other end of the line? 

Today, as consumers and employees, people have really come to love the technology they use. So it’s critical that tech companies communicate with them in a way that makes sense to them – as humans rather than robots. And that means softer, less technical skills are the order of the day in IT. 

Focusing on customer success 

“Technology companies haven’t always been the best at talking to customers on a personal level. They didn’t understand their needs,” says Ognyan Kiryakov, Site Manager at Tek Experts Malta. “In the past, you either understood IT, or you didn’t. There wasn’t much in between. But now these organizations have a huge appetite for customer service skills, and that’s exactly what Tek Experts provides. We actively recruit people who have the communications skills to solve issues and help customers on their terms.”

This demand for a more human approach means that customer success management and technical support roles have become critical to technology brands. Innovative cloud startups and global tech brands alike treat customer service experts as superstars, relying on individuals with a strong instinct for relationship management

“I can’t claim to be an IT nerd. In fact my degree was marketing, rather than a technical discipline” says Susan Bonneau, Technical Advocate Manager at Tek Experts. “However I wanted a new adventure - and a job that offered interesting challenges in a friendly working environment. I like to read the mood of the customer, and use humor or empathy to manage the situation to a positive outcome.”


Soft skills are not hard work 

“If you love technology and helping people succeed, you have an amazing opportunity to work with some of the world’s most influential companies,” Ognyan states. “to be a Tek Experts technical support advocate, you don’t need to be an ‘IT nerd’ or a ‘geek’ – you can if you want, but it’s not a prerequisite. Understanding the principles of the technology, and how they help your customer, is important. But the ability to build a relationship, to empathize with the customer and to help colleagues get the job done are critical skills.” 

The great thing about the technology sector is that it’s constantly evolving, and so too will your career. With Tek Experts there’s always the opportunity learn about new trends, and you’ll speak to people from across the world who are involved in remarkable projects with famous blue-chip tech companies. When you’re focused on helping people achieve success, your role will always be exciting. 


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