How to present yourself in a video interview

How to present yourself in a video interview

Video interviews are now commonplace in the hiring process. They give employers a chance to see how a candidate presents themselves, without requiring the job seeker to find the time and money to travel into the company offices. It really is a win-win.

You may or may not be comfortable in front of a camera, but either way, there’s no need to be nervous about the prospect of recording a video interview for an IT job. Tek Experts have got you covered!

We asked our recruitment team, how you can make a great impression should you get invited to take part in a video interview. Here are their top tips…

Get your tech in check

It goes without saying that if you’re applying for any job in the IT industry, whether that’s customer service or an engineer, you don’t want to run into any technical issues. So, get your tech in check: plug in your device to ensure it won’t die mid interview; test out your microphone and webcam; and do a test run on the video software that you’ll be using to participate in the interview. Fairly obvious stuff, but you’d be surprised how many candidates manage to make a mess of the tech, even if they’re pretty techie themselves!

Look the part

You might be at home, but that doesn’t give you an excuse to not make an effort and dress in your lounging clothes. Dress as you would if you were going for the interview in person, i.e. smart and professional. Don’t think you can get away with just dressing from the waist up, either – we’ve had a few embarrassing encounters with candidates who thought there was no need for trousers!

Remove any distractions

You want the interviewer to be focusing on you and your answers, not the unmade bed in the background or the sound or your TV. So, make sure your webcam is not going to capture anything in the background that will prove to be a distraction for you or the person conducting the interview. Also, ensure any lighting source is not coming from behind you – otherwise you’ll just look like a silhouette on the screen.

Stay natural

Some people clam up in front of the camera, while it can make others go all theatrical. Try to stay as natural as possible and behave as you would if you were meeting somebody face to face. You don’t need to spend the entire interview staring down the camera lens – break your gaze occasionally – and smile every so often, without overdoing it.

Don’t be too apologetic

Most people get a bit nervous and sweaty in interviews, even those people on the other side of the camera. Don’t feel like you’re expected to give a perfect performance. Interviewers expect the odd pause, stumble and fidget, just like in a face-to-face interview. You don’t need to apologize if you can’t give an answer straight away; ask the interviewer if they can clarify the question or rephrase it. If you can stay composed in these stressful conditions, you’ll be proving to the employer that you can stay calm under pressure in the job. Have a glass of water to hand, make sure you’re not going to be interrupted and good luck! And if you’ve got a job prospect on the horizon, click here for our tips on how to prepare for an IT job interview.

Hopefully these tips will give you the confidence to make an awesome first impression the next time you’re invited for a video interview. Take a look at our latest roles here>

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