How to land a dream job in IT without speaking the (coding) lingo

How to land a dream job in IT without speaking the (coding) lingo

Saying that you don’t need coding skills to work in tech is like saying you don’t need to be able to ride horses to be a jockey, isn’t it? Well, no actually. Far from it

As crazy as it sounds, it’s entirely possible to build a successful career in IT without knowing your Java from your Ruby. So, start highlighting the skills that make you a wanted team player in the tech industry:  

1. Ability to adapt   

The tech industry never sits still. As soon as you’ve got to grips with something, it evolves, requiring you to change with it. At Tek Experts, for example, the technologies we develop and software we support is constantly being updated. So, when you work here we’ll commit to giving you on-the-job training, to ensure your technical knowledge is always up to date.

Showing that you can adjust to new conditions and processes will convince employers you have no problem adapting to a fast-paced tech environment. 

2. A curious nature

Curiosity might have killed the cat, but it will help you thrive in the tech industry. If you want to catapult your career, you need to show you’re open to learning new skills and proactively go out of your way to seek learning opportunities.

Tek Experts has implemented a continuous learning approach, meaning if you want to grow your skillset and become a top dog (or cat) in IT, you can. As well as encouraging staff to take courses to develop themselves, we also have a culture of collaboration, allowing them to learn from each other.  

3. Techie mindset

While you don’t necessarily need coding skills to get a job in tech, you do have to show you possess a techie mindset. So, if you’re an Excel-whizz or you have your own blog mention it! At Tek Experts we don’t always look for people who have the best tech skills – we want rounded individuals who can communicate and learn new skills, not just code.

4. Know your strengths

There are plenty of jobs in the tech industry that don’t require you to have exhaustive knowledge. But if you’re switching industries, you’ll need to know what do best and shout about it in your resume, covering letter and with the recruiter.

If you’re an expert in recruiting highly sought-after candidates, for example, or can deliver first-class customer service, you’re going to be in-demand no matter what industry you’re coming from or going to.  

At Tek Experts we want to find curious, adaptable, tech-minded people who are great at what they do. If you want to build a new career for yourself in IT support, make yourself known!

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