4 top challenges in application development – can you handle them?

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To be an application developer, you must be a certain type of person. It’s a job that’s full of challenges, so you need to be a problem solver who doesn’t mind encountering the odd hurdle – it’s one of the reasons application developers are so sought after.

So, what it is that makes app development so tricky? Here are the top four challenges that businesses and developers will have to wrestle with, and what they mean for you:

1. Skills shortages

OutSystems’ 2017 ‘State of Application Development’ found that many businesses “are at a crisis point when it comes to digital transformation and application development.” The report largely puts that down to “the scarcity of skilled developers”, meaning that app development can be a slow process with projects taking up to nine months to complete.

This is bad news for organizations, but good news for app developers, with the skills shortage putting you very much in demand.


2. Multiple devices

Apps need to be created so users can access them anywhere, any time and from any device. It’s that last requirement that could prove most challenging, with devices working off different operating systems and to differing sizes.

At Tek Experts, our secure and platform agnostic, ensuring users have no usability issues – it also means you know what you’re up against in the development process.


3. Multiple routes

Businesses have a number of different routes they can pursue: web apps, hybrid apps or native apps. The best route to take depends on the nature of the business and the desired outcomes. Each option brings its own challenges. At Tek Experts, we promise to deliver applications that are purpose-built, which means our application developers gain experience in a wide range of bespoke projects.


4. Database integration

When developing an application, a business will need to ensure integration with all its relevant databases, including multiple types of SQL databases and other database types such as MultiValue databases, as well as back-end systems. This is a major challenge for any developer but it’s these sorts of challenges that attract you to a career in app development, isn’t it?


Why work for Tek Experts?

We’re always on the lookout for application developers to join our application development team. We realize there are plenty of software development jobs out there, so in return for your skills and experience, we will offer you a suit of benefits that includes: working in a family atmosphere where everybody is happy to help each other out; a culture of continuous learning in which you will be able to develop your skills; regular team activities as reward for your hard work, and much more.



“Tek Experts truly cares for its employees and does all it can to provide them a platform to flourish,” explains Mohammed Hamed, a Level 2 Application Development Manager in Malta.

“I’m always talking to people outside of Tek Experts saying they should apply for a job here,” he said. “I tell them it’s a growing company and there are plenty of challenges and opportunities for you to grow and prove yourself. We’ll look after you inside work and outside of it. I’ve just helped a new starter find somewhere to live and I check up on people who call in sick, to make sure they are getting what they need to get better.”


If you like the sound of working in a caring, family atmosphere, head over to our careers page to find an opportunity that suits you.>>