Tips for stay-at-home moms who want to go back to work

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As a stay-at-home mom (we prefer “Chief Household Officer”) we know you don’t just drink coffee, go to fitness classes and devote your life to bake sales. You’re a boss, employee, nurse, counsellor and project manager rolled into one. You are a master multi-tasker, expert problem-solver and have highly-developed negotiating abilities. Should you be thinking about returning to the job market at any point in the future, these are the very skills that the workforce is crying out for. And don’t worry how long you have been spending with toddlers and children – they are by far the toughest colleagues of all. 


Hard-core soft skills 

The skills moms develop are honed over years and simply can’t be taught in an office or management away-days. Just take the school playground – the ultimate high-stress learning environment. Here, moms have to read situations quickly, learn when to listen and when to act, as well as communicate with others whose only connection with them is that their children attend the same school. This is exactly like having to work in today’s global business environment – interacting with people from different backgrounds across teams, offices or even regions.  

Moms are equally able to defuse a volatile exchange between siblings with soothing words as they are to negotiate a tricky situation with other mothers or teachers. Crossing the generational divide and providing guidance and support for young people is much needed in today’s workplace. 


The ultimate safe pair of hands 

Moms are amazing project managers and multi-taskers. They manage their time and others’ with absolute precision. Many workers only have to get themselves out of the door in the morning, a mom has to mobilize a small army. 

With these time management skills comes dedication. Stay-at-home moms have committed to being there for their children and solving their problems. They can easily apply for Customer Advocate jobs or Customer success manager jobs as moms administer cookies, hugs, and a sympathetic ear. CEOs might not dole out treats in the same way, but the ability to listen, be in control, adapt rapidly and think “people-first” is essential for any business that cares about its employees, clients and quality of work. 

Joining the workforce, after being a full time mom, was very intimidating said Shanon Sweetwood, one of our Quality Assurance Trainers.  “I felt that I had no skills or experience to offer, and was nervous, no employer would take me seriously. To the contrary, the skills I had developed in raising a child and taking care of a household were very valuable in the office environment. I have been able to add more skills, experience, and grow in a encouraging environment.” 


Unleash your power on the workplace 

When children start school or leave home, it may mean that you now have time to re-enter the workplace. Whether you want to work flexibly or full time, careers such as information technology and people-focused employers such as Tek Experts are desperate for your talents. As our site manager in Colorado Springs Debra Herzog says: “We want people to join us who can lead teams, help others, listen and understand what customers want and teach new generations in the workplace how to build essential soft skills. We all need a mom.” 


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