How to thrive as a first-time manager


Whether you’re moving up internally or joining an organization afresh, taking on your first managerial role is the next natural step in your career. You’ve likely reached this position because of your positive performance, good work ethic and outstanding leadership qualities so your transition into management should be as smooth as possible. But just to make sure, here are a few more thoughts that will help you thrive in your newfound role… 


Communicate, one-on-one 

Clear communication is a key soft skill for any employee but it’s especially important for those in leadership roles. Try to have one-on-ones with all of your immediate staff within the first few days of taking up your new post. Taking time to get to know your colleagues on an individual basis not only promotes respect within the team but it also helps to encourage an open and transparent environment, standing you in good stead for the future. 


Make collaboration the key 

Exercising too much control can stifle innovation and agility. Here at Tek Experts, our team leaders aim to be as collaborative as possible, working alongside their diverse teams to create the best possible customer experience. Software Support Engineers to Subject Matter Experts all bring their unique view and approach. Be open to new ideas and you’ll thrive in a dynamic and fast-paced environment like this. 


Recognize the work of others 

According to a recent workers survey, a top gripe among employees is when management takes credit for a subordinate’s idea. Everyone wants to feel appreciated so be sure to give your team the credit they deserve. Don’t wait until the end of a project; regularly reward those around you for their creativity, support and enthusiasm and foster a culture of recognition that will help to boost morale right from the start. 


Understand the change in relationships 

If you’ve moved internally, you may soon find yourself managing former peers. If this is the case, it’s a good idea to share your vision for the team and any priorities that you aim to tackle early on. Be sure to make room for comments and questions so team members feel they are the co-authors of the plan and recognize that you all share the same customer-centric vision. 


Find a mentor 

As a new team leader, finding another member of the senior management team who you can turn to for support and advice can be invaluable. Try to find someone you admire who really represents the culture of the company and take your cues from them. And remember, training and development shouldn’t just stop just because you’re a manager. Here at Tek Experts, we encourage progression at every level of the business, so our employees can improve their skills and experience, year on year. 


“I joined Tek Experts as a Sales Assistant Generalist but thanks to professional training, I quickly became part of the coaching staff,” says Jack Woodbury from our Colorado Springs. “I came to the company with no previous experience but if you have the right aptitude and soft skills, Tek Experts can help you achieve the rest.” 


The most important skill you can have as a new manager is passion – passion for the role, passion for the company and passion to help the customer succeed. Demonstrate this and you’ll lead by example.


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