Why you shouldn’t underestimate the value of military vets


Military veterans – whether they’re male or female, disabled or able-bodied, ex-combat or ex-support – all carry with them an invaluable set of skills and, from an employer’s point of view, this talent pool is a potential goldmine.


“Ex-military personnel bring a valuable combination of skills to any workplace,” says Debra Herzog, site manager at Tek Experts Colorado Springs. “They possess leadership and teamwork skills, integrity and a strong work ethic. They’re a great resource, both for us and our clients.”

Here at Tek Experts, our first-ever US operation in Colorado Springs was built on veteran talent, drawing in expertise from Fort Carson, Peterson, Schriever, NORAD and the U.S. Air Force Academy.


“Ex-military personnel instinctively know that their role is to protect the customer. They’re people with high ethical standards who will be reliable and come with the soft skills that can sometimes be challenging to draw out at interview,” adds Debra.

Why you shouldn’t underestimate the value of military vets
Debra Herzog, site manager at Tek Experts Colorado Springs

Giving hardworking, motivated vets a clear path to follow when their military careers come to an end doesn’t just feed into an organization’s corporate social responsibilities – it can positively impact their bottom line, too. In fact, a recent survey of LinkedIn hiring managers revealed that ex-military soft skills were the most sought-after, over and above business or technical acumen.


So what type of skills are we talking about?



Military service engenders an inherent trust in colleagues and this can be carried over into a civilian career. Research has shown that organizational performance can be enhanced when there is a high level of trust between employees and those in leadership roles. Colleagues who trust each other become a much more cohesive and productive team.



To survive in today’s modern business environment, one must be agile and open to change. Those with military experience are used to working in discontinuous environments, and they’re able to adapt and overcome any obstacles in their path.



To bounce back in the face of adversity is a key military trait. In business terms, this means military personnel will excel in situations where intermediate failures are likely to be high – for example product development, sales and support.


Cross-cultural experiences

The nature of modern military dictates that veterans must be skilled at operating effectively across cultures, and on a global scale. Studies have suggested that military personnel have more international experience and cultural sensitivity than those who have never served.


Team-building skills

Veterans will appreciate and acknowledge the importance of an effective team and will be able to quickly identify where they can add value to an existing business. Defining team goals and responsibilities will be second nature to an experienced vet.


Veteran Michael Munoz joined the Tek Experts team in 9/26/216 as a Technical Support Advocate and has already found his military skills have stood him in good stead:

“I’m used to working with large numbers of staff and the challenge of ensuring our process are followed for a positive result,” he says. “working with fellow vets and others from military backgrounds, appreciate a smooth operation. Having a mind-set that holds everyone to a high standard may come from a vet’s background but it is easily transferred to a service-based organization.”  


From our site in Colorado Springs which employs and places skilled veterans from across the region, to our commitment to developing greater diversity in the workplace, Tek Experts is helping to make the transition from military to civilian life as smooth as possible.


From serving the country to serving your customers, vets can offer commitment, agility, attitude and care. Isn’t it time to see what they could do for you? >>