The six Cs of career agility

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The six Cs of career agility


Once you feel like you’re ready to take the next step in your career, make the most of that momentum and take the necessary action to propel yourself forward.


It’s human nature to seek out new challenges. We believe that it’s an employer’s duty to help their employees forge the career they foresee for themselves. Not all organizations think like us. If you find yourself somewhere that doesn’t value career development, it might be time to look for a company that does.


Why Tek Experts cares so much about developing your skills

There are some compelling statistics behind why we place such a strong value on employee training and development one of which is: companies that offer comprehensive training programs have 218% higher income per employee than companies without formalized training. (Association for Talent Development).


Training and development also plays a big part in helping us keep hold of our best staff. We still have employees from when our doors first opened.


Lachezar Lozanov, Site Manager Tek Experts Bulgaria said: “We value our staff and give them the tools and assistance to be the best they can be. By them with their career ambitions ensures we have highly experienced, fully engaged, passionate and focused teams of customer experience ambassadors. Everyone is responsible for their own careers and, if you have the passion and motivation, we have the expertise to help you succeed.”


Lachezar Lozanov, Site Manager Tek Experts Bulgaria


Career agility

To get here, though, may require you to show some career agility. As Marti Konstant, Founder of the Agile Careerist Project puts it: “Agile thinking happens when an individual figures out that winning the next job, being happy in the current job, or planning for what’s next is part of a continuum of iterative and parallel efforts.”


In other words, career agility is fostering a mindset that is fit for change. The Business School for the World, offers up six personal attributes (The ‘six Cs’) needed:


  1. Commitment – being dedicated to the process of managing your career, and taking the necessary action to make change
  2. Control – taking charge of your career decisions, instead of relying on chance
  3. Curiosity – having an open mind to new roles and seeking new experiences
  4. Change agility – being comfortable with change and accepting there will be uncertainty
  5. Connections – seeing all conversations as an opportunity to increase your network
  6. Confidence – having faith in your ability to make sound decisions about your career


Having an agile mindset will be the key that kickstarts the next stage of your career. The ‘six Cs’ are also qualities that we look for when we’re recruiting here at Tek Experts.


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