Tek Experts Introduces New Enterprise Security Services

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Tek Experts has expanded its portfolio to include security services and help clients reduce risk.

Tek Experts has announced the official launch of its global security division, as part of its overall expansion strategy. Leveraging proven security technology and world-class security expertise, Tek Experts will provide comprehensive security services, delivered 24/7 from 3 global cyber security centers, strategically located in Vietnam, Bulgaria, and Costa Rica. The new services are the latest addition to our portfolio and are designed to respond to a growing need for agile protection of organizations’ information assets and constant availability of critical systems and resources.

“With rapidly evolving attacks and a significant rise of cyber threat, companies are facing the need to implement comprehensive security technologies and expertise, while at the same time requiring significant cost reductions. Tek Experts has the ability to provide an end-to-end security support solutions that can prevent attackers from exploiting each organization specific vulnerabilities. In the event of a security incident, Tek Experts will ensure advanced monitoring, event correlation, response, and escalation, so companies’ information and systems remain available and sustained.”

Lachezar Lozanov, Global Director, Enterprise Security Services

The main goal in developing our security services portfolio is to present to our clients a tailor-made all-in-one security services according to their requirements, focused on reducing the business risk and lowering the overall cost of delivery.

By partnering with Tek Experts, organizations will gain a profound and dedicated cyber security expertise and flexible service offerings to meet their specific security needs. We ensure support for comprehensive product features and customizable policies, so companies can safely develop and adapt their physical and virtual environments as they focus on business growth.

Learn more about Tek Experts’ security service here.

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