Tek Experts believe technology should be an enabler; providing timely data and insights to equip our front-line teams to better serve customers.

Technology is integral to everything we do. It allows our people to perform more effectively; it maximizes the value we bring to our clients; it ensures customers have access to the best person at any moment in time and guarantees the experts supporting customers have the information necessary to provide an amazing service, always.

We develop and use technologies to create greater efficiencies and to enable our people to focus on supporting the customer by providing exceptional service levels and customer experiences. By enabling greater operational effectiveness, technology empowers Tek Experts to be more productive, more customer-centric and more driven towards realizing our goals and the ambitions of our clients.

TalentWize™ is a world-class Operational Talent Management System that allows companies to monitor, manage and enhance all aspects of their organization. TalentWize shows how talent is being utilized and the impact operational changes will have on the future of their operation; it highlights where current skills gaps are, or might be in the future, and suggests how to address them; it enables managers at all levels to track the performance of each employee, and gives them the tools they need to make improvements across the whole of their organization.

Leveraging our experience supporting global companies and our expertise supporting customers in more than 50 countries, we developed CustomerWize™, a cutting-edge tool that takes data from multiple sources to provide full view of the customer lifecycle and help sales teams understand where best to focus their effort to maximize returns. Unlike other tools on the market, we recognized the tool needed to be easy to use, simple to implement and employ only the information that would maximize value to sales teams looking to generate and protect revenue.

  At Tek Experts, innovation is in our DNA. Whether it’s developing groundbreaking software like CustomerWize or TalentWize or creating technical solutions to reduce routine and labor-intensive activity, we employ our experience and expertise to develop tools that enhance the customer experience. We’ve developed queue monitoring tools to improve the efficiency and utilization of our support teams, a sales pipeline tracker to track all aspects of a sales pipeline in real-time, and knowledge hubs to improve standards across businesses and service lines.

Queue Monitoring Application

Our queue monitoring application is designed to make our teams more productive, enabling them to deliver better services and remove the manual processes associated with prioritizing cases. The queue monitoring tool uses automation to rank the priority of customer need and reroutes them to the engineers or managers that are best suited to addressing their problems.

This simple but highly effective solution means the manpower required to deliver our service is reduced, support is highly targeted, and customers engage with fewer people to get their issues resolved.

Sales Pipeline Tracker

The sales pipeline tracker was designed to allow companies to forecast and monitor sales in real-time. It helps sales teams understand where cross-sale opportunities are and monitor potential losses, so they mitigate them. If a customer is not utilizing the products they have, then the tracker tells them the client is at risk and needs attention; if they are fully-utilizing a product then it suggests there is potential to sell other services and products.

Because the tracker uses real-time data, targets can be monitored, and their impact understood immediately, putting sales teams at all levels in control of their sales pipeline.

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