High summer boat party – Tek Experts Malta team building event

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We wanted to share just a small slice of what it’s like at Tek Experts – Malta style.

With the weather being nearly always sunshine, and living on a beautiful island in the Mediterranean, what better way to build strong friendships with your Malta work colleagues than a boat party!

Our site manager Ognyan Kiryakov invited everyone to branded “tekIT High Summer Boat Party”. What was planned was a full day of fun, sun, laughs and water on a lazy boat trip along the panoramic urban coast of Malta.

With nearly all the company onboard, the first port of call was to anchor off at the famous Blue Lagoon, renowned for azure waters off Comino Island. Some took a refreshing dip in the crystal sea, snorkel around the rugged coastline while others simply laid back and relax and took in the sun from the deck. Obviously, there was an open bar stocked with beers, soft drinks, water and local wines and what seemed was a never-ending buffet.

Later, they headed to St. Paul’s Bay for more dipping and diving. But what made the trip even more special, was the professional DJ onboard making it a full-on party, the whole day.

After the trip, Ognyan said:

 “Every company think theirs the best for looking after their staff, but at Tek Expert we know we do. Firstly, our people get a great work/life balance here in Malta, plus we love challenges and looking after each other.  These kind of team building activities are done in all our six offices during the year. It’s this type of fun that people love and why they enjoy coming to work for everyday.”

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