President opens new Tek Experts offices in Costa Rica

President opens new Tek Experts offices in Costa Rica


It’s not every week that Tek Experts welcomes the President of Costa Rica! We were honored when Luis Guillermo Solis Rivera came to open our contemporary new space at the Terra Campus, Tres Rios, where we will accommodate an additional 450 staff over the next six months.

Tek Experts already has a strong presence in Costa Rica, employing 750 people. This has not gone unnoticed by the President who spoke of how the company is playing its part in “generating wellbeing for the population.”

Looking to the future

A welcoming challenge for Tek Experts now is to find the system engineers, computer engineers, customer service representatives, technical support engineers, computer science and management specialists in Costa Rica who will help take the business forward.
Tek Experts is also trying to take advantage of its non-technical expertise by recruiting people with language skills and experience in customer service, training management, HR, QA and data analytics.

Luis Guillermo Campos, Country Manager at Tek Experts Costa Rica, believes that the company will be helped by being well aligned with the ambitions of the Costa Rican people.

“Costa Rica has been investing in education for a long time,” says Luis. “As a result, there are a lot of opportunities for people to study and further their education. This has helped develop a culture of continuous learning in Costa Rica – a culture that we have also embedded at Tek Experts.”

Tek Experts is committed to helping its employees grow and realize their full potential. As a global business, we provide staff with the opportunity to experience and learn from various cultures. We offer our people the chance to collaborate with subject matter experts across the world and gain international exposure and experience throughout their career.

But don’t just take our word for it…

“I’ve been with Tek Experts since May 2017,” says Quality Assurance Specialist Diego Ramirez. “What attracted me to the company was that I’d heard it was a great environment to work in with lots of opportunities to develop your career. Over and over again I heard people saying ‘we care’ and since I joined, I can see that is true.
“You’ll get intensive training regardless of your job and there’s always a focus on continuous improvement. Right now, I’m learning Portuguese, because I love its culture and the language, and it’s good keep up with my professional development.”

Carlos Solis, Level 1 Support Engineer agrees: “I have never seen anything like it before. It is the most friendliest and collaborative company I have worked for.  I have learnt how important soft skills for all our level 1 staff like me.

“As well as being an engineer, I now provide some of the training to the team, too. I teach them how to get the most out their support tools. I like it when I get to help my colleagues.”

What to expect at the new campus

The new Terra Campus building consists of two floors, extensive office space, areas for relaxation, training rooms, panoramic views, ample parking, a dining area, and it’s just a few moments away from Terramall and everything that it has to offer.

The building has been built with collaboration and teamwork in mind, with an open-plan design allowing for seamless communication between colleagues. Tek Experts understands the importance of providing staff with the environment and tools to build rewarding relationships with both their fellow employees and their clients.

We also understand how the traffic can be a stress in this part of the country, so in some cases flexible hours are available to help ease the staff’s commute.

We’ll leave the last word to Diego: “If you’re thinking about joining Tek Experts I’d say go for it. I love this job and I wake up pretty much every morning saying it’s a wonderful day. Tek Experts is totally Pura Vida.”

If you like the idea of working in a culture where teamwork and professional growth are prioritized, go ahead and put in your application >>


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