President of Costa Rica inaugurates new Tek Experts offices and announces our plans to recruit 450 more staff

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We’re excited to announce that we opened additional new offices in Costa Rica today and honored that the President of the Republic, Luis Guillermo Solís Rivera officially cut the ribbon.


Since opening our doors in 2012, we have had offices in San José. Today, with the significant new space at the Terra Campus, Tres Ríos, we intend to hire and locate 450 additional new staff in the next six months.


The President of the Republic, Luis Guillermo Solís Rivera, said:

We continue working to strengthen Costa Rica’s competitive conditions so that investments already established in the country, as well as those we are attracting, can continue as in the case of Tek Experts expending its operations and generating employment. This reaffirms that alliances with the productive sectors allow us to continue generating well-being in the population.


IT jobs in Costa Rica

We have grown steadily in Costa Rica, generating high-quality employment opportunities in innovative, sophisticated and competitive technologies. Costa Rica is our largest operation and represent 40% of global payroll. This expansion reaffirms our commitment to the Costa Rican market, relying on the fact that it will undoubtedly project more career opportunities for talented, passionate and dynamic professionals.


To support new clients and multiple new projects, the 450 people will be made up of two types of skilled staff; technical like system engineers, computer engineers, programmers, software support engineers, computer science and management specialists. And, non-technical experts with language skills and experience in customer service, technical training management, HR, quality assurance and data analytics.


Luis Guillermo Campos, Country Manager of Tek Experts Costa Rica, said:

We are pleased to report on the new employment opportunities that position Costa Rica as one of the Central American countries that promotes quality human talent, and we feel confident investing in new offices and create opportunities for growth and development in a professional and innovative environment.

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