No tech skills? No worries – THESE are the skills we want to see

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Sometimes it pays to tell yourself that you can fill a tech job vacancy despite not having some of the required skills or experience. Or at least let the interviewer decide whether or not you’re up to the task.


As we see it at Tek Experts in all of our offices around the globe, if you’ve got the right attitude and what we call the Tek Experts DNA, you’re in – we can work on bringing you up to speed with the technical elements.


We’re not just saying that either. Take Paul Muscat, Customer Advocate Manager, Tek Experts Malta, as an example. He always wanted to work in technology, but wasn’t sure he was going to be able to make it happen due to a lack of experience.


“Before joining Tek Experts, I worked in the education sector helping adolescents with learning difficulties in Malta and I also taught English in Malta and in Thailand to all different age groups,” he explains.


“I saw that Tek Experts was recruiting and it seemed interesting. I was excited about working with technology and software as I had a natural interest for it and wanted to see what it was like working in an international office environment, so I gave it a shot.”


The rest is history, as they say.


So, what are the skills that Tek Experts want to see in candidates? We’re looking for transferable soft skills, such as:


Communication skills


To work in tech, it’s sometimes assumed that you don’t need great communication skills, as you’ll be working behind a computer, away from people, anyway. We can’t speak for all organizations, but Tek Experts places a high value on people who can listen, write, and speak effectively. Whether you’re communicating with customers, clients, or colleagues, you’re going to need to be able to get your point across so that it is understood and can be acted upon.


What to mention on your resumé: Instead of just putting that you have “excellent communication skills”, demonstrate how you have communicated effectively.


Analytical skills


At Tek Experts, you need to be able to accurately assess a situation and then act to bring it to a swift and happy conclusion. Issues are rarely black and white; often you will have to go away and gather extra information – be it data or case notes – that will allow you to satisfy the person who requires your help.


What to mention on your resumé: Mention tools that you’ve used which have analytical qualities, such as Microsoft Excel, Google Analytics, as well as experience that demonstrates your analytical skills.


Prioritization skills


Rarely in tech jobs are you afforded the ability to concentrate only one case or piece of work. Therefore, you will need to have the skills to be able to prioritize the most important projects and tasks, but still keep all parties happy.


What to mention on your resume: Mention the project management/productivity tools you are familiar with such as Asana, Basecamp, Evernote and Google Drive, as well as specific occasions you have had to prioritize one task over another.

Problem-solving skills


Problems are commonplace in the tech industry – we’ve all had an issue with a piece of tech at some point in our lives. Your training will ensure that you can answer most problems, but sometimes you will need to go the extra mile and solve a problem yourself.


What to mention on your resumé: Briefly explain specific problems that you have had to solve in your previous positions, noting how you ensured they came to a successful resolution.


If you think you fit the profile of the people we are looking for, head to our careers page and fill in an application!>>