9 resolutions every Millennial needs to make  

It’s that time of year where every Millennial, keen to make a New Year resolution they can stick to, takes a long, hard look at their lives and asks themselves that profound existential question: “Is it about time I deleted Facebook?”
Seriously, if you’re struggling for some New Year’s resolution inspiration, here are some suggestions:


 1. I will stop Instagram-stalking my ex and do something that’s better for my soul










How to do it: Force yourself to read something thought-provoking whenever you get the urge to click on their profile


2. I will stop Snapchatting every moment of my life and live in the moment a bit more


















How to do it: Look up from your smartphone to fully take in your surroundings


3. I will manage my money better so that I don’t have to live off canned food for the last week of every month











How to do it: Get rid of the food-delivery apps


4. I will cure myself of ‘selfitis’ – a condition that causes me to post too many selfies












How to do it: Start by taking pictures of other people instead


5. I will not ask for the Wifi password the second I get through the front door of a friend’s house


















How to do it: Finish the drink your friend has made you before asking for the password


6. I will get my own Netflix, Spotify, etc accounts












How to do it: Ask the person you’re ‘borrowing’ the accounts from  to change their passwords


7. I will cancel my gym membership when I stop using it, instead of paying for it just  to make me feel better












How to do it: Keep going to the gym!


8. I will be nicer to people in customer service jobs 











How to do it: Show some empathy


9. I will start to take charge of my career destiny instead of letting other people decide my life for me










How to do it: Find a company that actually cares about you