Meet Carissa Bergeron

Employee profiles

Name: Carissa Bergeron

Job Title: Subject Matter Expert, CritSit team

Office: Colorado Springs

“You can never get bored working in critical situation management!”

The environment at Tek Experts is the best I’ve ever worked in. Everyone is really supportive – you can go to anyone with a question and they will take time to answer it in a helpful way.

It’s really important that you can count on your teammates when working in critical situation management. Our client’s issues need to be resolved as quickly as possible and if everyone is pushing in different directions, the customer will suffer. And we’re only interested in delighting customers at Tek Experts!




Seeking out a challenge

Before moving to Colorado, I lived in Louisiana. Back there, I was working on a helpdesk at a local bank, troubleshooting customers’ technical issues. I enjoyed my job, but I needed a fresh challenge, so I took the move here. That’s proved to be a great decision for me both personally and professionally. I’m now being challenged every day – plus I don’t have to try to keep cool from the hot Louisiana sun all day!

The job is challenging for a number of different reasons. Obviously, we’re dealing with time-sensitive issues, so one of the biggest challenges is that you’re working against the clock to get things fixed. Also, every issue we look after and every business is different, so you’re constantly having to adjust your approach depending on the customer. You can never get bored working in critical situation management, that’s for sure!


The importance of flexibility

One of the things I like most about working at Tek Experts is how accommodating managers are of employees. If you’ve got to take a day off at the last minute, they will do their best to make it work. Veterans make up a strong part of the team here – some are still active members of the military service. One guy who was working here was recently deployed, so he had to give up his job. But, Tek Experts have told him that he’ll still have a role he when he returns, which I thought was such a great thing to do


Continuous improvement

Another great thing about Tek Experts is how they won’t rule you out of going for a job just because you don’t have all the skills it requires. Instead, they’ll help you learn the skills you’re lacking.

When I first took up the role of Technical Support Advocate, I wasn’t too hot on my grammar. This was going to be a problem because I needed to keep in contact with customers, who would be judging our service on my emails. Tek Experts implemented a process whereby my emails were checked for spelling, punctuation and grammar before being sent to the customer. Through that process, my grammar has improved hugely.


I would strongly advise you to come and experience Tek Experts’ continuous learning for yourself – you won’t regret it!