How to keep your team motivated and successful

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The next time you have an interview for a new job, ask the employer: “How do you keep employees motivated?”


Keeping staff motivated is a critical task for any employer. There’s so much research that shows how motivated employees are more productive, more willing to go the extra mile for their customers and their co-workers, and more likely to want to continue working for a company in the long term.


“It’s about creating an environment and organizational culture in which employees feel trusted, valued and appreciated,” says Daniela Mifsud HR manager, Tek Experts Malta “They also need to feel an affinity with the company mission and values, and that their contribution is a meaningful one.”


How Tek Experts keeps staff motivated


At Tek Experts, we believe our people are our strongest asset and will continue to be as we grow as a business. Therefore, a huge emphasis is placed on keeping our team motivated so that they feel inspired to do their best work. Here are some of the ways we keep staff motivated:


  1. Culture of collaboration


Our commitment to creating a culture of collaboration is research-backed: a recent study by Stanford University found that “simply feeling like you’re part of a team of people working on a task makes people more motivated as they take on challenges.”


Paul Muscat, Customer Advocate Manager, Tek Experts Malta says that there are plenty of opportunities to collaborate with employees, and he urges new members of the team to make the most of them.


He said: “From my perspective, when you join us, if you have a chance to collaborate with other employees within your team or even outside of your team, do so as much as possible, as you will develop stronger working relationships. I feel this helps you acknowledge further that you are an important part of a team and will boost the team spirit overall.”




  1. Continuous learning


Tek Experts promises careers, not just IT jobs and offers opportunities to learn and grow wherever you are in your career. We have built a structured learning and development approach into the business, which allows staff to continually grow their skillset, motivating them to keep pushing themselves.


Susan Bonneau, Critical Situations Manager, Tek Experts USA, says Tek Experts is “an excellent company to work for” if you’re motivated by maximizing your potential.



She said: “You get trained in everything: the tools and aspects of good case handling, plus there is a series of training eBooks. If you have the passion and desire to grow in the IT environment, it’s all there for your success, if you want it.”


  1. Family atmosphere


We spend half of our time at work – we believe that it should feel like a home away from home. We do our best to create an atmosphere in which people feel comfortable, where they can reach out to others without feeling like they are speaking out of turn.


“In my team, everyone is like my family and they will help immediately with any query I may have,” says Ting Cai Cai, a Customer Contact Center Service Desk Administrator at Tek Experts China.



“My team guide me and show me how to do something better – they lead you to a better way of thinking or make sure I understand new guidelines. My team is my backup.”


Motivating a team involves providing them with rewards for their contribution – something Tek Experts also offers – but it’s more than that. It’s about providing a platform that allows them to thrive and do their best work. That’s what really drives people.


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