International Women’s Day at Tek Experts

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Be Bold For Change – Diversity is the key to success

Earlier last month we celebrated International Women’s Day and the global theme was “Be Bold For Change”. For us, at Tek Experts that means we actively encourage women to join Tek Experts in any of our offices and any position throughout the globe. No longer are IT roles the preserve of men. For example, we have more women working in our China site than men and we currently employ more women than the average for our industry. We believe that our diversity enriches our company culture and enhances our success.

So how did some of our offices celebrate our unique and diverse culture?

Flowers for friendship

Our team in Bulgaria got up early, visited the flower market and before the office opened had laid a boutique of flowers on every women’s desk. The smiles as the ladies arrived were priceless.

IWD at Tek Experts Bulgaria

Powerful in pink

As you can see in Vietnam, our women were treated to a lunch and decked in pink balloons.

IWD at Tek Experts Vietnam

Health and happiness

Women’s health inside and out is really important. It was our Costa Rica team who had not only arranged for one-to-one nutritional advice sessions with an expert but therapeutic massages.  These bold gestures were very much appreciated and enjoyed.

IWD at Tek Experts Costa Rice

China la vie en roses

Our Chinese ladies were giving an interesting hands-on experience of flower arranging. It looks like great fun and tricky to master. You can watch how they got on YouTube and YouKu

What’s it like working at Tek Experts

We also took the opportunity to interview one of our female staff about what it’s like working at Tek Experts and what advice she would give to any woman thinking of working in the IT industry.

Silvia Esquivel works on our client iManage as a delivery manager. When she started two and a half years ago she was in autonomy as an engineer.  When asked what can you share with us about your professional development at Tek Experts she replied, “I have never worked as a manager before. From my point of view, the most important skill are the human relationships, communication, helping others and finding a solution to non-technical issues. At Tek Experts I’ve had the chance to learn about this and even when I’ve not got it 100% right, I continue to learn and get better.”

When asked about what is it about Tek Experts she likes, Silvia said “I got the chance to be a delivery manager because Tek Experts is a growing company and that’s what I like the most. I like that it keeps growing and it keeps opening different position that if you are ready for them, you can just go for it.

She pointed out that in Costa Rica the inclusion of women on the job market is a relatively recent thing, but she would encourage women to keep up their education as so many abandon formal education due to maternity. She confirmed, “It starts with the mindset change, teaching our little boys and girls the value of our differences and the importance of inclusion.

It was her mother who she has to thank for her education and passion for work. Despite her mother’s lack of formal education, she decided her daughters were as important as any man and opened her and her sisters to a world of opportunities that still today, many women in the country don’t even think of.

Her final pieces of advice to any woman who wants to grow professionally within Tek Experts was that we all should continue our education, reading, studying and practicing. To also identify what area you want to work in, in the future and start preparing for that position, even when there are no open positions at the moment. Once there’s one, you’ll be ready and you’ll be a very qualified candidate to be considered. She suggested also talking about your career with your manager or anyone who can help you.  Every person is responsible for its own growth, opportunities do not show up by themselves all the time. Sometimes you need to pursue.

We’re very proud that we have above the average number of women in our family for our industry and passionate women like Silvia as part of our culture. We actively support and encourage everyone to be the best they can, regardless of their gender race or backgrounds. Why? Because it’s the right thing to do.

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