China values


Why are company values important?

Values act as the guiding principles for day-to-day operations. They influence how people behave, inspiring them to take positive action. But, it’s important that a company’s values align with the leaders who are tasked with executing them. My core values are very much aligned with Tek Experts.

I joined Tek Experts in 2015. The core values were in place then, but because I shared many of the same principles, I noticed a few areas where improvement could be made. I now feel those core values are more ingrained than ever before – you just need to take a look at some of our employees’ career stories to see the values in action.


How do you ensure that Tek Experts retains its core values?

Tek Experts is a fast-growing company, but we don’t want to lose our identity as we become an even larger organization. I have worked for a number of Fortune 500 tech companies, so I’m all too aware of how large companies operate.

Big companies are slow to execute on plans. If we’re to retain the value of ‘Customer first,’ we need to maintain our agility so that we can quickly react to their needs. By localizing operations, giving Site Managers operational control to execute strategies as they see fit, we can keep going the ‘Extra mile.’


What are some of the initiatives you use to reinforce the company values?

The ‘Best Contribution of the Month’ award is given to those who have showcased the values of ‘Customer first’ and ‘Extra mile.’ It’s a great way of recognizing those hitting high customer satisfaction levels and who have pulled it out the bag and found a solution in a difficult case. Recipients of the award get a monetary prize for their efforts – but it’s the sense of pride they feel from earning the reward that really counts.

To reinforce ‘Stronger together’ and ‘Knowledge matters,’ we bring together the Subject Matter Experts, who regularly meet to discuss new developments and complex cases, before sharing their findings with Support Engineers.


What do you believe is the secret to your team’s success?

We have built a team with the right mix of customer service and technical experience, which allows us to provide a high level of support. But perhaps more importantly, we’ve managed to create a family atmosphere whereby people care and respect for each other like they would a family member.


What can people expect as an employee at Tek Experts China?

You will be joining a highly successful team. We are very proud of the strong performance we deliver and the learning culture we foster and build. Due to our success, we can offer lots of career opportunities, both technical and non-technical. We expect everyone to learn and grow with us, so we’ve created an environment that best facilitates this.

On top of this, you can also expect a number of unique benefits, including comprehensive healthcare coverage (children included), gym access, and regular social activities. Plus, if you work on the early or night shift, we’ll cover your travel to or from the office.


What type of leader are you?

I like to think I’m a supportive and caring leader who has the team’s best interests at heart. I am a big fan of initiatives like ‘Let’s Talk,’ which gives my staff an opportunity to communicate their aspirations. I love seeing people challenge their limit and fulfill their potential.


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