Why Greenfielding is Key to Expanding IT Talent Pools

Tek Experts - 3 min read

Although globalization has been shaping the global workforce for decades, many kinds of technical outsourcing services remain remarkably concentrated in places like India and the Philippines. This creates more competition for talent and leaves these industries more vulnerable to sudden political, environmental, or economic shifts in single locations while depriving millions of people in other regions of similar economic opportunities.

That’s why the process of greenfielding is so important. It spreads risk, creates opportunity, and unlocks tremendous value for third-party providers like Tek Experts. Below, we’ll explain what greenfielding is and how Tek Experts is using it to provide unrivaled technical support outsourcing to some of the world’s leading tech companies.

What Is Greenfielding?

Greenfielding is the process of utilizing unsaturated areas for development. So, instead of opening a support center in a popular destination like Mumbai which already has many similar sites, you open a center in a location that hasn’t seen one before.

Obviously, this brings some challenges. Often you will need to provide more training to ensure you have access to enough local talent. In some cases, the business infrastructure may be less developed, requiring augmentation such as redundant energy supplies. However, the benefits can far outweigh these challenges.

Why is Greenfielding So Important Today?

One of the many lessons of the recent Covid pandemic was that overinvestment in a single location brings risks. If events in that country lead to businesses being shut down or supply chain issues arising, developing your own service capabilities in varied and unsaturated locations puts you in a better situation to adapt and react to a fast-changing world.

Additionally, similar to impact outsourcing, greenfielding can lead to cost optimization and greater employee loyalty without the need to sacrifice quality. Companies can harness the greater untapped talent resources of greenfield locations to develop their own economies of scale when it comes to building an effective workforce.

Greenfielding also offers a chance to develop the kind of industry presence you want instead of being at the whim of the “way things are done” in more established locations. For example, people in a long-established outsourcing location might have specific expectations regarding work pace, style, or structure. These may not match your organization, creating potential conflict.

Considering the ever-greater importance that technical services and support customers place on consistent experiences today, that kind of control is increasingly important.

How Tek Experts Uses Greenfielding

Here at Tek Experts, we’ve built and continue to expand our entire business around robust service centers in unsaturated regions. Our offices in Rwanda, Nigeria, Costa Rica, Vietnam, and Bulgaria have all been built on these principles.

Accessing and Developing Diverse Talent Pools

One of the keys to our greenfielding success has been our partnership with our sister company elev8. Their deep expertise in developing critical skillsets is what has enabled us to create new offices in areas without a history of providing the kind of high-level technical services and support we offer.

This kind of local upskilling also unlocks the impact outsourcing benefits mentioned previously. Locals who receive this kind of training gain access to greater incomes and have dramatically lower attrition rates. In our experience, recruiting local tech talent and training non-traditional talent in these communities has resulted in fantastic teams, great performance, and an expanded pipeline that helps companies scale their business.

Better Scalability

When we invest in a pipeline of talent through digital skilling programs in greenfielding locations, it puts us in control of scalability. This enables us to scale up operations in these locations far more than we would in a more developed market. The result is far greater operational flexibility.

Experience What Tek Experts’ Greenfielding Strategy Can Offer

We’re proud to say that we’ve been able to step into new regions and create offices capable of offering the highest level of mission-critical technical services and support out there. We know that the thousands of people we’ve trained in our greenfield locations feel that pride too. Get in touch and see how we’re shaping the future of global tech talent.