Tek Experts opens new high-tech Colorado campus

New 100,000 sq. ft. site location offers state-of-the-art facilities to meet the highly specialized needs of next-generation global tech providers.

Katherine Steurer · 5 min read · Sep 25

Tek Experts opens new high-tech Colorado campus

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — October 2021 — Tek Experts, a leading global provider of tech support services to companies like Microsoft, has opened a brand new 100,000 sq. ft. tech campus in Colorado Springs. The new facility, intended to facilitate Tek Experts’ rapid growth, is configured to enable the next-level support required to meet the unique needs of today’s global tech companies. The facility is designed to encourage collaboration and problem-solving best practices, helping engineers and technology specialists solve customer challenges faster and facilitate scaled learning for clients.

Built for the next generation of technology support

The new space, designed in conjunction with Tek Experts employees, supports 750 engineers with a mixture of space configurations designed to serve various types of support requirements. It also facilitates communication with customers that goes beyond simple problem solving to creating an environment that fosters deeper connections and knowledge-sharing.

That relationship is essential to helping customers get the most benefit from clients’ products and services, a key differentiator of Tek Experts support. Creating an environment to facilitate those kinds of customer exchanges was an essential part of the design. Security was also a critical factor since enterprise tech companies each have unique and highly sensitive security requirements.

Facility design and configuration

The new facility is Tek Experts’ fourth in Colorado Springs, having outgrown three previous locations. It features seven collaboration areas, designated by different colors and set-up to accelerate problem-solving. There are window-facing reflection areas with mountain views and desk space for more focused work.

Noise reduction was a key consideration: both white noise technology and sound-absorbing textures are used throughout the building. Proper lighting is maintained with an abundance of glass and fabrics designed to maximize sunlight. The 200-person dining area and common space directly faces the mountains to house culture-building events and team collaboration.

Next-generation training and skilling embedded into the facility

To meet the ongoing skilling and reskilling needs of the various technology teams, the facility includes elev8 training locations and capabilities across the campus. Elev8 is a Tek Experts sister company that provides highly specialized onsite and digital training. The customized programs are designed to help progress Tek Experts employees on the career path of their choice, giving them life-long learning opportunities. Specialized elev8 locations throughout the building can accommodate different types of skilling initiatives, from instructor-led to small group learning.

Why Colorado Springs?

Colorado Springs was chosen for its inclusion in the 10 Best Places to Live in 2021 and Where Millennials Are Moving — 2021 Edition lists, which means access to great talent and a first-class work and leisure environment. Due to its high proportion of sunny days and location close to mountains, the outdoor life for the employee teams is unrivaled. It is also situated close to five different military bases from which Tek Experts can draw top technology talent.

On the new opening, Henry Martin, Tek Experts’ Country Manager, comments, “We’re thrilled to be launching our new site here in Colorado Springs. This building represents the amazing growth that we have seen over the past few years, and it’s designed to meet the specific needs of our tech clients. We were able to incorporate feedback from our engineers and put their suggestions to work. After working remotely during the pandemic we’re even more excited for our teams to come back and experience the new site!”

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