Hiring Freeze: Don’t be Left Out in the Cold

Tek Experts · 4 min read



Companies across industries are bracing for a recession by adjusting their hiring approach, including tech industry giants like Alphabet, Meta, and Microsoft who have all put a hold on hiring.  

What’s the impact of hiring freezes? 

The chief impact of a hiring freeze, and doubly so in the case of layoffs, is that organizations are less equipped to manage workloads and deadlines that remain at the same levels of intensity as when hiring more talent was an option.  

Based on historic trends, these hiring restrictions will eventually be lifted to address attrition rates and expansion to support ongoing growth. However, in the meantime teams are being forced to do more with less and don’t have the same agility to respond to emerging challenges or consumer needs. 

Leaders who have been through this cycle before know that hiring freezes are not always synonymous with budget freezes, leaving the option open to backfill and resource their projects with the skills they need through vendors.

Flexible Talent Sourcing Alternatives 

To help our customers access the talent they need now, we purpose-build scalable tech talent solutions around their needs.   

We offer a range of flexible solutions, from straightforward talent sourcing that can be hired directly, to a fully outsourced service, where we recruit and manage technical teams on behalf of our clients, to customer success solutions, driving adoption and consumption of technology.  

Tek Experts can also be the employer of record for your talent, with the option of hosting teams in our dynamic and vibrant tech hubs.  

And when budgets thaw, customers have the option to hire their outsourced teams directly under their employment, or we can continue to employ them as a strategic tech talent partner. That also means that customers canrest assured that when the talent feeding frenzy resumes after this famine, they’ll already have already secured their next crop of new hires. 

 Sound interesting? Learn more about Tek Experts’ talent solutions and the talent we have available here.