[eBook] Diversity and Inclusion in the Tech Industry

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Did you know prioritizing diversity and inclusion in the workplace improves more than the culture of your business?

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Studies have shown that firms that embrace diversity in their workforce and senior management are 70% likelier to capture new markets and 45% more likely to report growth in market share over the previous year. That’s not all. As we continue to experience tech talent shortages, it’s important to note what attracts and retains high quality talent. 77% of Gen Z claim a company’s level of diversity affects their decision to work there and millennials have indicated a strong desire for their employers to prioritize diversity and inclusion as well.

With that said, the proportion of women in the tech industry has decreased since the 1990’s. While diversity in the tech industry has incredible benefits, it appears our industry is headed in the wrong direction.

Read our eBook to uncover the important role diversity plays in the tech industry, and how it can be a key contributor to the growth of your business.

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