How to land a job you want. The five fundamentals for job satisfaction

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No one is going to be gunning for you as much as you, when it comes to getting the job you want, right? So, when taking the next step on your career ladder and perhaps moving companies to get what you think is the ideal job, how do you decide if the company is for you? In our interview with Miss Phuong Nguyen Thi, HR Manager Tek Experts Vietnam, she shares her years of experience in matching people to their ideal role.

“In some ways, the job seeking experience boils down to two simple components – the things you can control, and the things that are beyond your control,” Phuong observes. “The best way to start your job hunt is to be honest with yourself about the things you control – really personal factors such as what genuinely interests you, the way in which you enjoy working and the types of skills you’ve gained.”


Ask the right questions – of yourself and your potential employer

“Remember – when you go for an interview, both sides are scoping out the fit of the relationship. If you don’t have a good instinct about the business, or you can’t see yourself working with the people interviewing you, think very long and hard before accepting the role,” she states. “The simple fact is there are no absolute right or wrong choices when it comes to selecting a job. The only ‘right choice’ is the one that leaves you motivated and looking forward to getting down to work.


“When you’re looking at a company and the roles it offers, it’s important that you have a critical eye. A lot of variables will define your working life, and these include the culture and values of the business, the people who work there and the opportunities for your development.”


For example, here at Tek Experts we make sure that every technical support engineer  gets four weeks intense training before they even start working with our client.  Not only that but they’ll be given training on client’s products they will be supporting plus English lessons if required as well as soft skills. People joining our Application Developer team get access to a wealth of knowledge and technology through our global policy of group sharing.


The Five fundamentals to get the role you want

To identify the right organization to call ‘work home’, Phuong has shared her job seeker ‘Five fundamentals’:

  1. People – if you’re interviewed, look at the manager you might be working with and the people in and around the office, and try to chat to some of them. Find out about career development paths immediately as you join the company and for opportunities for your long-term career. Also check how staff get promoted and see if your new work colleagues inspire you to follow them and even socialize with them.
  2. Corporate culture – take the time to identify if the values you see written on a corporate website – such as diversity, creativity or passion – are truly being ‘lived’ within the company? For example, if diversity is mentioned, see if there are staff and cultural awareness that reflect that statement. If you share the values that shape that organization, you’ve a good chance of enjoying your time there.
  3. Challenge – most of us want to feel fulfilled by our role. How does the company give you an opportunity to grow? Will you be trusted to do new projects, be given the ability to influence the direction of the service you support, or is the role very constrained with nowhere to go? If you’re hungry for new challenges, a fast learner or passionate to go the extra mile in everything you do, make sure you’ll get the chance to make them a reality.
  4. Development – in addition to learning on the job, find out about training that’s offered, and ask about other forms of continued learning and mentoring. You should aim to develop new skills – both technical and soft with each new role and promotion you take on.
  5. Environment – having fun doesn’t need to be a pipedream if you like your colleagues, the work you’re doing and you’re in a positive atmosphere. There may be perks such as a foosball table that help create this vibe, but often it’s the simple aura of the workplace; shift patterns that are flexible or easy to get to offices in great locations, all add up to put a smile on your face as you walk into the office.


As you look for that next role, be true to yourself. Don’t spend time pretending to be someone you’re not. If you like the people, their values and potential challenges that leave you feeling truly motivated in an office that’s inspiring, you can then start ‘interviewing’ the businesses yourself. And when you find the right fit, you’ll be able to find your own path to success.

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