4-step strategy for becoming a great customer success manager

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If you consider yourself a ‘people pleaser’, customer success management (CSM) is a great career choice. It provides the opportunity to go the extra mile for customers, leaving them and you satisfied from a job well done.


We asked Jonathan Araya, Customer Success Global Lead here at Tek Experts to explain further why CSM is a fulfilling career option: “Good CSM is all about anticipating customer needs. To do that, we encourage our team to look beyond the situation they are managing, and to identify how else the customer could benefit if you could provide it to them proactively. When staff start to think proactively, they feel like they are having a worthwhile input, coming up with new ideas – and that’s crucial for job satisfaction.


“I tell my team, ‘put your signature on it – do it in a way the customer will get most benefit. That’s how you get innovation.”




So, what does it take to be a great customer success manager?


  1. Understand customer value


Customer value can be defined as the “perception of what a product or service is worth to a customer versus the possible alternatives,” ie why the customer opted to buy a particular product, software or service in the first place.


As a customer success manager, you need to know the reasons why customers have made their purchases, so that you can ensure you are delivering a product, software or service that is to their expectations – ideally beyond their expectations. If you don’t know what customers value, you can’t anticipate their needs.


  1. Adopt a customer mindset


Part of becoming a great customer success manager is putting yourself in the customer’s shoes, so that you can begin to empathize with them on any issues they may have in their attempts to achieve their objectives. It’s that ability to empathize that separates us from the robots!


At Tek Experts, one of our guiding principles is ‘customer first’, having recognized that the customer experience and customer success is key to everything we do and is what drives us every day.


  1. Be the best you can


In order to be the best customer success manager, you can be, you need to be given the chance to grow and develop. At Tek Experts, we are committed to continuous development, and provide regular opportunities for employees to grow their skillset and realize their potential. We understand that you will only be able to go the extra mile for the customer if you have the necessary knowledge and awareness.


  1. Learn from others

Often, the best way to learn and improve is through others. Your fellow customer success managers will be able to give you practical advice, rather than purely theoretical. They can help bring about some clarity to your thinking, so that you can deliver the best possible answer for your customers.


At Tek Experts, the friendly, open and collaborative environment that we have created ensures that staff can ask questions without the worry of being dismissed, whether they’re approaching a fellow customer support employee or a leader of the organization. It’s part of our ‘stronger together’ mentality and commitment to delivering the best possible service to the customer.


Regardless of where you are in your CSM career, Tek Experts can help you grow and become the best possible customer success manager you can be! Check out the current CSM opportunities on our jobs page