Why I joined a global IT company to kick start my career

Career stories

What motivates a recently graduated technical systems support and networking engineer to work in an IT company? What are the requisites? One answer is, it needs to be a company that invests in people and in making the business grow for the long-run. It also needs to be dynamic, a company that adapts to the rapid changing times. It needs to be at the edge of B2B technology. It needs to hire the talent and the positive attitude and offer the tools and trainings especially to the newly-joined employees to grow in it and with it. And, as a global people company, it needs to offer an environment where cultural diversity is an advantage.

Let’s listen to one new starter’s story Joshebeth ‘Joss’ Sequeira Cubillo based in Costa Rica at Tek Experts. How she kick-started her career two years ago as an intern from high school, and how she has since then followed a continuous learning path, at both personal and professional levels.

Joss joined Tek Experts and immediately started her two-month technical training and education and when completed worked on non-customer facing projects. She proudly explains what her first job as an entry level technical support level 1 was – a software related assistance to a customer. Right after that, new doors opened for her in other departments within the Costa Rica operations and she decided to get fully immersed in the career path that has allowed her to grow, management so that she could reach her current role as a team leader.

Bring out the best

She defines herself as being one person before starting at Tek Experts, and a completely different person after two years of intense experience within the company. In the first days, she felt a bit lost, she says, as it was her first job. But soon she found people in the company that guided and mentored her, “If you want to grow, do your best, and raise your hand. You need to ask for the work and I promise it will be recognized”. At the start of a career you put in practice your technical abilities, however as you go along, the soft skills such as communication skills, leadership skills, interpersonal skills in general, become crucial for success.

Soft skills bring benefits

Being able to communicate appropriately with clients and in meetings opens up a new world of opportunities, even more, if you are bilingual like Joss in a global business. Joss moved again to join as an entry level technical engineer with the Universal Configuration Management Database team. They are responsible for the management of customer’s data and assets. She could put to good use her technical skills, her management training and ultimately finishing as a team leader.

Pura Vida

When Joss is out of the office and has finished reading motivational stuff to bring to her team of 27 staff, she is the type of woman that finds peace in the silence of a church. You could also find her spending time with her family and friends. she thinks “the simplest moments with them are just the best. This is my Pura Vida to make people I care about happy”.

Go for your dreams

While Joss was at high school studying IT networking and systems, she came to Tek Experts to do her internship. Later she studied industrial engineer at the Latin American University of Science and Technology (ULACIT). She, however, started her first year at university studying networking but after speaking to friends, her course leaders, and Tek Experts, she changed to Industrial Engineer. She believed it would be the best course for her to enter a management role, which she ultimately wanted.

Joss is dreaming big and would like to start her own business someday, like a restaurant of local food or as an IT consultant. But it will always have in mind the importance of keeping the people at the core of it. “Starting my career here – she says with a smile on her face – was an experience that I could compare to that of reading a motivational book.”

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