First recruitment drive to fill IT jobs in Lagos Nigeria a success


Our first recruitment drive in Lagos, Nigeria has been a success. In the space of 10 days, we’ve interviewed more than 450 people, which is an achievement the ‘Tek Experts taskforce,’ as I call them, can take great pride in.

The hard work is far from over, but the recruitment framework we’ve created in Nigeria is one that will act as a blueprint for Tek Experts going forward; so those people who’ve played their part in it deserve some well-earned recognition before we move on to the next phase.

The framework has allowed us to interview 50-60 people a day, without cutting any corners. We can gather a definitive impression of every candidate’s personality, technical capabilities, and suitability for Tek Experts. This means we’re only hiring people who match the company’s DNA.


Suitability Testing

The assessment day kicks off in the morning with candidate registration. Upon arrival at the assessment center, candidates are given a warm and friendly welcome by the Tek Experts team, whose first job is to make everyone feel comfortable in their surroundings. Once everybody’s details have been taken, candidates are taken to a large room where they’re given a presentation about what Tek Experts is all about.



After that, candidates undertake two hours of computer-based assessments. They complete a technical test, a personality test, a call-handling test, and an English test. While we found that the technical and personality results would vary, as you’d expect, most people speak English to a high level.


Group scenarios

At this point, those who aren’t the best fit for the company are excused from the rest of the process.

The remaining candidates are then divided into small teams and invited to take part in some group play, hosted by a member of the taskforce. We give each team a scenario that requires them to work together to achieve a positive outcome.


One-to-one interviews

The final stage of the process is one-to-one interviews. At this point, we’re looking for confirmation that we’re talking to is the right people.

It might sound like a long, day for candidates, but the feedback we get from them is that it’s an enjoyable and refreshing experience. We do our best to create a pleasant atmosphere, where candidates feel supported and happy, so that they can show their best selves. After all, that’s the Tek Experts way.

The process has been an enriching experience for all of us. We’ve loved every minute of it. Everyone we’ve come into contact with has been amazing. Having our expectations exceeded is what we’ve come to expect from this country. That’s Nigeria for you.


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