Yanzhong Jiang, Delivery Manager, China

Yanzhong Jiang,
Delivery Manager,

“If you have a positive attitude and passionate Tek Experts will give you the respect and the opportunities to grow."
Hello, my name is Jiang Yanzhong, you can also call me Kobe, the same name of my favorite basketball player Kobe Bryant. I was born in Dalian and I work in the China office where, I am one of the bilingual delivery managers. Being a delivery manager means for me I make sure every one of my team is able to help customers solve their software issues. We’re a team of 18+ that supports our client’s Japanese and Korean customers, so we all speak English, Chinese and Japanese or Korean. I listen to my team to understand their thinking of how they’ll solve their customer’s issue and what they need to make it happen. Together we work on a plan to deliver it and any new knowledge gained, we share

Raise to the challenge

I studied in Tokyo, Japan for five years and I loved it there, it’s a beautiful city plus it gave me the opportunity to understand the Japanese culture and their business thinking. Before I joined Tek Experts I was a software engineer for eight years, but I had the opportunity to go up my career ladder and do more interesting work. I really enjoy the challenge of being a delivery manager as I now manage people and together we raise to the challenge of meeting our client’s KPI’s and their customer’s operational issues.

If you have a positive attitude and are passionate about your career, Tek Experts will give you the respect and the opportunities to grow. I’ve been promoted three times already so I know it’s a really possibility. People work here not just for the salary, but learn a lot of new things, to get respect and trust. It’s a very meaningful and fulfilling company to be part of.

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