Nan Zhao, Team Leader, China

Nan Zhao,
Team Leader,

"Before joining Tek Experts China, I worked for Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) and was very happy there. But when the opportunity came to make the move to Tek Experts, I just couldn’t resist."

It was the recruitment process that ultimately won me over. Everything was so seamless and well organized. We were also given the opportunity to meet the CEO, Naama Saar. She spoke so passionately about the company and where she wanted to take it. After that, I couldn’t wait to start!

Realizing my potential

I definitely feel like I made the right decision to move to Tek Experts China. I joined as a Service Desk Administrator and after 18 months, my manager told me about an opportunity to become a Customer Contact Center Team leader.

I wasn’t sure if I’d apply for the role because I wasn’t a particularly confident person at that point – not in an IT support leadership role anyway. I was young, without any real leadership experience. But I remember my manager saying to me: “Ability has nothing to do with how many years you’ve been working – you’re good enough for the role, so grab your opportunity and realize your potential.” I’m so glad I did!

Team leader responsibilities

As Team Leader, I’m responsible for managing the daily operation of the team. I hold meetings on process updates, monitor the daily tasks, organize everybody’s work schedules and support the team in any way I can. Then, at the end of month, I do some quality assurance, to see if there are any areas we can improve on. I also ask if there were any examples of great work that we can all learn from and share best practice.

I’m currently doing an online course called Business Management. It’s a fantastic piece of training. At the same time, CHN Rising Star Academ is established in Dalian. If you’re a motivated person, you can grow in any way you want to.

Career flexibility

There’s even the possibility for people to switch teams if they want to. For example, we’ve had a few Service Desk Administrator's who have gone on to become IT Engineers, after completing some technical training. Others have gone on to become Customer Advocate Managers. There’s so much flexibility and opportunity here. More than anything else, I think that’s what makes Tek Experts China so different to other IT support companies.

I feel valued as an individual. In my spare time, I like to paint. I will often sit outside somewhere on the weekend and just paint the scene. It’s very peaceful.

Do you want to work for a company that allows you to realise your full potential, even if that means switching careers? "

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