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Why change your current job? Choose a company that is invested in you.

Why change your current job? Choose a company that is invested in you.

What motivates a person to move from one job to another? Not all moves are for financial gain nor because the commute is 10 minutes shorter. As we regularly advert interesting roles we’re seeing people move for reasons like: a new challenge, more training, variety, better career opportunities or to work with like-minded people. To help you get to know us better, we asked Thuy Tran Thi ‘Lilly’ in Tek Experts Vietnam to share her story. Why did Lilly join our young, dynamic fast-growing company for her next job?

The need to be challenged

Before joining Tek Experts, she was a translator and interpreter. Lilly translated technical documents, financial papers and construction reports every day and said it was boring. She found it repetitive and worse, she wasn’t being challenged or learning anything new.

In the end, Lilly knew that there was little chance of promotion or opportunities to grow, and took the initiative to change that. She spoke with friends, asking if they knew of any job vacancies that could use her skills, her personality. A friend told her of engineering job opportunities at Tek Experts he thought would suit her. After researching the company, its values and office locations, she applied, got an interview, was successful and started with us in 2013.

“I applied because I could see the role was interesting and that while Tek Experts was a young company, it was expanding and growing fast! I got really excited as I could immediately see this was the company where I could grow and develop my skills even further.”

Bring out the best

Lilly started as a service desk administrator. Promotion opportunities are always available to those who are keen, show an aptitude for the work and are passionate. Within a year, Lilly’s line manager approached her. He saw what skills she had and suggested a promotion to software support engineer as it better suited her skills and interests.

Now, Lilly’s days are varied and fast paced as she looks after many famous companies. She gets to help people with problems as large as a full global software installation or a mission-critical server being down, or as small as an error message or simple logging-in issue.

My second family

The three main reasons she loves her job are training, team and socializing. She likes to learn and has gained a second degree in information technologies. She praises having a great training manager who helps her grow, develop and learn about new products and skills. But most of all, the training manager inspires her to keep learning.

As for her team, she loves working in such a professional and friendly environment. “I feel comfortable here. My manager is the best and he is very close to his team and cares for us very much.”

When it comes to the socializing, again Lilly talked about the many activities she does together with her team like the team building, social events and year-end parties.

Lilly isn’t alone in feeling empowered, challenged and supported. There are many people in all our offices who choose to be part of Tek Experts. She sums up for us how she feels about Tek Experts: “I consider my team my second family, which means I can be the real Lilly.”

Because we are growing fast and expanding our operations in Vietnam, we have many exciting positions. Let us invest in you!

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